becoming rich is a steady income without working daily

Last Update: July 15, 2019



This question and the question: "CAN U BORROW ME SOME MONEY?". Are the 2 most common question i hear regular when i talk about money with people with friends and random people.

When i tell them about the many ways about making money, they say: "Hmm, that sounds interesting, i didn't know that". Then i always ask them: So when are u going to take action to become rich? They say: "I wil have to think about. Are there faster ways?". I always say: "Yes there is. Steal from people or rob the bank. U Wil be in jail fast and u can keep dreaming in jail with other robbers and killers".

The funny thing is, they always come up with a excuse why they can't take action or pospone untill they drop forget about it. Guess what we are going to talk about the next time? The same topic and some nagging about why they don't have money. This way i lost a lot of frirends. I couldn't take it anymore to hear the shit about not having money anymore!

What happend was: I started to attract only the positive friends among all of my friends and i dropped to negative nagging one's. Then i started to make new friends, what was scary in the beginning and i found soulmates with the same mission in life and that was to be financial independed.

I studThat was something about me, next wil be the fun stuff...


I have the same dream as the people in the picture, on the beach. I want to be rich and be able to go wherever i want whenever i want without asking anyone for permission. So one day i watched this TED-TALK that was very helpfull. This guy said: Becoming rich is something u have to look at just like a education, course or a study.

U have to treat it like something when u go to the univerity. U ave to study it daily, practice it and take action. When u do this u wil becom trich, it's that easy!

Now, let me tell u 1 small easy step u have to practice, to make lots of money:

U need multiple income streams

The simple to do that is having 1 OR MULTIPLE parttime job(s) AND make money online..

The best thing about making money online is: IT WORKS 24/7 AND NEVER COMPLAINS!

Something u never should do: NEVER WORK FULLTIME!

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Joanne25 Premium
Well said Dahay!
Dehay Premium
Thank u Joanne
Joes946 Premium
Work smarter, not harder!
Dehay Premium
exactly, u got it.

U said wat i said, only this time in one sentence, LOL
Vinsquest Premium
Great post. "Never work full time".

There is a book called, " The 4-hour work week", by Tim Ferris. He explains this idea of becoming this type of rich.

Thanks for sharing.
Dehay Premium
i know that was one of the inspiration for me to write thiss one. U have read it to, did u change something in your life after reading that ?!
davehayes Premium
Good post thanks for sharing
Dehay Premium
you're welcome
Carson2 Premium
I appreciate your input...thanks.
Dehay Premium
you're welcome