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Last Update: May 07, 2019


Hi my name is Dahay i am 33. I started within Wealthy Affiliate at 2018 when i was in bed most of the time. This can happen when u have seizures every day... Untill the moment came i was sick and tired of being in bed en doing nothing.

Next step:

I asked myself: Is it possible to make money from bed ?!

This brought me on a quest to find out if this is possible

I have seen many video's and read a lot of articles of people making money while not being able to get out of bed. This brought me discovering Wealthy Affiliate.

I said: i have to try it out and i did. From that moment my life started to change drastically !!

I have discovered the best way to make money is to start your own business. The problem is: i really have no idea how to do this. So this has started a new adv

enture to find out how to do this and i had found a course that is for free sponsored by the goverment for people who are on a welfare (money given by the goverment for people who don't have a job).

At the same time i was working on my health and by starting to try out alternative health treatments i was also invited to start businessses in that area. So now i have 2 businesses in health area's and making website is my third one

No i have many costumers for making websites and webhosting, i have costumers for health products and my love-life start to make progress as wel.

My health started to improve, now i have a goal to work for and that made me want to work hard on something. I also am starting to inspire other people. I am on a front page of a magazine called perspectief.

I am now also starting on becoming a motivational speaker. That wil be company number 4. My life has turned arround since i have worked on myself. I finally can inspire and motivate others to do the same... IF I CAN DO IT, THEN WHY CAN'T U ?!

Much Love,


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smben69 Premium Plus
thanks i love the article
Dehay Premium
you are welcome
Twack Premium
Dahay, you are an inspiration. I know you will continue to do great things. Thank you.
Dehay Premium
hi twack,

Thank u for your compliments,
i am happy i could touch u and hope to motivate u to work your ass of because if i can do it everyone can do it !!

Have a nice week...

LauraFuller Premium
This is the best motivational and inspiring story I have read here. And it came to me at the perfect moment.

Thank you
Dehay Premium
i am happy could touch someone...

Can u tell me your story please ?