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I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME SOONER BEFORE I HAD SPEND OVER A €1000 ON WORDPRESS THEME'S, PLUGINS, EXTENSIONS and more Premium stuff.WHY AM I SHARING THIS KIND OF INFORMATION?Well, This is something beginners need when starting on their journey to financial success. Later on u can always switch to become a member. When u become a member u can get technical assistance when u have problems. As a free user u have to become creative and do your own research.When u start as a beginner, start wi
October 26, 2019
HERE IS THE QUESION:I know how to hack any All in One WP Migration Plugin to Unlimited.Why should i share it?Because if i share the owner can try to block it.Maybe someone can tell me why it is usefull to share the secret?!Because i can't find any positive outcome by sharing it.Waiting for a answer.DahayWebdeveloper.
WHAAAAAAAFOUND A WAY TO HACK EVEN THE NEW ALL IN ONE WORDPRESS MIGRATION AND THIS TO THE SIZE OF UNLIMITED.Check it out >> The language is in dutch. At the bottom u can read it in english.This trick works on all wordpress migration plugins, yes even the latest 7.8! I have tested importing large size files websites as wel. It has no problem importing.This time i wil share it in a way that it wil work forever. Because with every update there wil be new security updates and that sucks!The on
HOW DO I BECOME RICH ?!This question and the question: "CAN U BORROW ME SOME MONEY?". Are the 2 most common question i hear regular when i talk about money with people with friends and random people.When i tell them about the many ways about making money, they say: "Hmm, that sounds interesting, i didn't know that". Then i always ask them: So when are u going to take action to become rich? They say: "I wil have to think about. Are there faster ways?". I always say: "Yes there is. Steal from pe
Don't download ScreenRecordersWazzup ,Now u may be looking for quality free screen recorders for your work, blog, website or personal use?!That is what i did when writing this blog. I did some research on google and in Wealthy Affiliate and then i came accros a article that said: "Windows 10 has it's own screen recorder". I did some research how to use it and it works.It's wayyy beter to have a internal video editor then to use a piece of software. It's also free. So why would download and inst
MY LIFE ...Hi my name is Dahay i am 33. I started within Wealthy Affiliate at 2018 when i was in bed most of the time. This can happen when u have seizures every day... Untill the moment came i was sick and tired of being in bed en doing nothing.Next step:I asked myself: Is it possible to make money from bed ?!This brought me on a quest to find out if this is possibleI have seen many video's and read a lot of articles of people making money while not being able to get out of bed. This brought m
Do u want to have the same problem i am having ?!I am happy to share u my problem. It's the best problem in the world, LoL.Only Limited size import at All in One WP Migration Plugin2.000.000 TB is my limited import size at the All in One WP Migration Plugin >> I have limited amount import size in my All in One WP Migration Plugin.It's only 2.000.000 TB. Are u interested in a limited import size like mine ?Check this out my training >> Secret Masters training 2019 (Master's exclusive
I am one of the TOP 200.... JEEEJ X0 X0 X0For me there are the top 3 prizes:Number 1 = Ambassadors, (KINGS AND QUEENS)Number 2 = Top 100 (PRINCE AND PRINCES)Number 3 = Top 200 (COMMANDO'S)When are u going to be at the top 3 ?Let me know ... I would be happy to see u at the TOP3Much Love,Dahay
Hi, My name is Dahay, 33 years old and i have a simple dream just like everyone else:Making Lot's of money fast and easyMy Story2015 was the year that i sayed: I am going to take steps to make lots of moneyNext step: Taking all my savings out of the bank. I had to do it without the knowledge of my parents because if they find out they are going to go crazy !!My savings were €16:000,-This is something my parents were planning to use to buy a home in Africa for me so i could benefit money fr
U wil not believe what happend, even when i tell u. Because i can't believe it myself even though it happend.LOLLast week i had a skype-meeting with a beautiful young-Lady who was looking for a marketing specialist who could help her with marketing her business to the next level.So i wrote her a message i could do that even tough i am very young in the marketing business. I have only 1 year of workexperience but i am a good person to start with because i keep the costs low. That's because i am