Traffic Is Suddenly Exploding At My First Website and Google Confirms It!

Last Update: February 03, 2020

I was checking my email this morning and noticed that I received an interesting email from Google Search Console. I was a little concerned at first because I thought it was informing me of an error it found in one of my websites. That was not the case at all and it was letting me know one of my pages from my first website is trending!!

This has been an absolute shocker because I pretty much abandoned my first website to focus on my second website where I feel I can be the most beneficial to people. I haven't updated my 1st website since the last part of 2018 and yet the traffic there has been continually rising. I think that's simply amazing and I've noticed my Google AdSense revenue from it is increasing as well.

I must say, that's absolutely amazing and just reiterates that what is taught here at Wealthy Affiliate really does work even if you seem to lose interest or hope that it won't. This just makes me want to work even harder now to reach my goals!

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Colorman Premium
It's interesting because I have also seen an increase in traffic on my website this past last month. I havent published much content over the last couple of months. My MMO website is three and a half years old and I was just about to press the pause button to concentrate on building a second one. I do remember Kyle mentioning that whatever you do now will come to pay in the future so you should not despair. What you do today is not in vain. I have one post that I wrote 3 years ago and its getting a decent amount of traffic. True, the WA education system works.
davehayes Premium
Well done excellent work
Jules73 Premium
A fantastic achievement, well done Brian, love to hear these success stories. A site making money is great news ;-) Jules
JeffreyBrown Premium
Fantastic, Brian!👍👍😎