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Last Update: October 12, 2019

Overall, this year has been a slow year for me at Wealthy Affiliate. I took some time away from it because I needed to re-evaluate things and I had other pressing matters that needed my immediate attention. After taking a number of months off from WA this year, I've decided to fully focus on one website instead of two.

The reason for this is that I have just lost a lot of interest in the niche of my first website and just don't have the desire to really go on with it. I don't really engage with the products in my niche anymore as they just aren't interesting for me like they used to be.

I have decided to fully focus on my second website where I get to promote Wealthy Affiliate and try out different things to see if they really work or not, plus I feel I can better help people with my second website rather than my first.

Over the last couple of months I've started posting new articles on my second website and it has really surprised me how fast Google has indexed them especially considering I hadn't posted or updated anything on my website in quite a few months. I have updated some older reviews as well as posted new ones and started doing a lot of keyword research again.

It honestly felt like getting back on a bike and riding it again after not having done so for awhile. I've also resumed where I last left off on the Affiliate Bootcamp and progressing at my own pace making sure I understand everything.

My second website lets me review make money online programs and sites to see if they really work or not and if they're just a scam or nothing but time wasters. Basically, I can go after shiny objects and see if they really are shiny or worth anything. Most of them so far aren't really worth anyone's time and take too long to even make anything. Now here is where things get a little interesting. In my research, I've found two shiny objects that truly are worth something and are actually making me some money. It's definitely not boat loads of money or something that can bring me in a ton of money in the long term passively, however I have earned enough in the last two months and even the last two weeks, with one of those shiny objects I recently discovered, to where I can pay a monthly bill or two or go out to eat at some pretty nice restaurants. The nice thing about this is that they cost me nothing to try and I get to spend some time with them when I can daily and earn some money.

This is the reason why I love Wealthy Affiliate. You get to try out things to see if they truly work and if they do they can earn you some money and you learn here how to pretty much let the whole world know about it with a review. All this is happening because I've jumped back on the tracks and decided to take action and I'm already yielding some nice results. My ultimate goal is to earn long term passive income promoting Wealthy Affiliate and I know it can be done I just need to continue taking action and learning as I continue on with the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Wealthy Affiliate really does work. If you follow the training and put what you learn into action, and taking action is they key, you won't fail. PERIOD! It will take time and effort, but you if continue on and push through the doubts and negativity that your mind can produce, you will see results. Look what I've already experienced after being away from here for 6 months or so and the two months I've worked on my second website. I can do this and so can you.

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Aussiemuso Premium
Taking some time to reassess your strategy is great.
Not fair teasing us with shiny object ideas that pay and not telling.

Lily 😊
vickg Premium
Have you made any money with wealthy affiliate yet?
Tirolith Premium
“Focus, Patience, Persistence, when added together, Wins The Race of life.” Tom Short.

"The way to earn is to first and always be a learner." Tom Short.

“Your education does not finish at school. Self-education is the best for Education.” Tom Short

“The only limitations are up to your efforts and needs in life.” Tom Short.

Thanks for your time.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Very encouraging post. Thanks for the post!!

megawinner Premium
That's more about it. Focus, act, persist, hard work, and finish the journey!