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November 27, 2015
I've been a premium member for quite awhile now its just that I've been paying monthly. After missing out on last year's Black Friday special here at WA I've decided that if there is another one this year, I would partake in it this time. For $299 you just can't beat that and since I'm already a premium member and had a certain amount of days left in my billing cycle, I upgraded to the yearly membership for less than $299! This is just the PERFECT time for me to go yearly as that will save me m
I've been checking out Google Analytics the last couple of weeks and have been noticing that my site's stats are increasing. I'm now averaging 15 to 25 sessions daily, my bounce rate is decreasing (It used to be in the high 90s, now it is in the low 70s), and the number of returning users is going up now nearly 10%!I've also noticed from my affiliate network where I've signed up for my affiliate programs, that the number of impressions (which is a single instance of a link shown to a user) has
I decided to go to Google's actual website and type in the keywords "ps4 open world games" since my website is about that in particular. What are the results? Two of my fairly recent posts are on the first page of Google! Not only that, but on the second page is the actual link to my full website!!That is just very exciting and it shows just how great the training here is at Wealthy Affiliate and the power of Jaaxy! I always use Jaaxy anytime I create a post to find the best keywords as well as
Right now, I'm going full steam ahead with regularly updating my website. One thing though that I really need to work on is helping people and building relationships with others in the niche I have chosen.I've never been a big people person as you can say that I'm an introvert, but I do realize it is important to build relationships with others so that I can build trust and that way they see what I have to offer is genuine. That will definitely be my next big focus and I hope that I can be succ
This has been a mixed year in regards to my website. I started with a great amount of momentum and even had some of my posts rank number one in Google. Then things happened in my life, I got distracted and I had gone for a few months without regularly updating my website.Part of the problem was that I wasn't sure it was good enough and also I didn't think I had enough material to come up with lengthy and meaningful content. Well after doing a little bit of research and searching for keywords us
The very first time I ever worked at a call center was about 7 years ago and I struggled quite a bit when I first started. I remember there were stats posted and the rank of all the agents in the call center. If you were in the top 10, you get to have your dream schedule for the next 2 months. Needless to say I was not anywhere near the top at the time and I started to become depressed as it seemed it would be impossible for me to ever be in the top 10 of the agents in the center.So it was then
After starting the training from the very beginning, which I might add is VERY refreshing, I've started working on my website once again. I've finally updated it after a two month hiatus which I don't want to happen again. I need to force myself to update it regularly even when I don't want to so I'm going to be looking at my goals daily to remind myself what I want to achieve.You can also say I now have new motivation to press ahead and (hopefully) stick with it this time. I've recently just h
It has been a long while since I've blogged anything, but I figured it Is time to do so now. I've gone through what I'm sure a lot of people here have gone through at some point. I had lost interest and took a long hiatus from my website. I just lost the drive to work on and update my website regularly, couple that with distractions from my job and other things going on and also frustrated with the fact that I haven't made a penny yet since I've been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year and a
You know, one thing I'm beginning to realize is that the walls that are in front of our success or continued journey are walls that we create ourselves and they tend to be mental walls. It basically comes down to a will issue. Will you or won't you? How badly do you want to achieve your goals? Are you willing to do what is necessary to achieve your goals?I've had my website up for a little over a year now and have been a premium member of WA for about that same length of time. I have most of the
Well, I've got things in place that I want for my online business. I have a website that now has over 50 posts and some reviews with affiliate links. I've now got Google AdSense working properly and have some of its ads on my site. I have a few posts that are ranked number one or not far from it on Google. I have ventured into email marketing and now have a weekly newsletter (still have a lot to learn regarding email marketing). I have a YouTube Channel and last but not least, I am able to do l