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If you've read some of past blog posts, then you'll know that I have a day job. It has been very rocky recently and my future with the current day job I have is very uncertain past April. I'm EXTREMELY fortunate to still have one at this time considering February 9th was originally supposed to be my last day. Thankfully another client came in and had the same position for me as the last client did so I continue on for a couple more months at least, but that is all considering it is only a tempo
Well folks, I am getting out of my comfort zone in a big way tonight and trying something for the very first time ever especially since I've been here at WA. Now that my website is getting steady and consistent traffic (just wish there was a bit more engagement from that traffic) and is starting to earn just a little bit of revenue from that traffic, I thought I might try and move to the next level so to speak.What is that level I speak of? PPC or better known as Pay Per Click. Thanks to the tr
So far, this weekend has turned out to be one of my most productive weekends ever at Wealthy Affiliate. Things I have gotten done today are updating some of my older posts, added 2 new posts, requested comments and responded on the new posts, gave comments to other people's websites here at WA and now going through some training here on how to build an email list. All of this has been done today on the eve of a major ice storm that has finally gotten going here in the middle part of the US. I w
It was my birthday today and I just thought of how far I've come in life, but especially here at WA. I can certainly say at places in my life right now I never thought I would be, but also have a better a sense of purpose today than I did years ago.I'm getting around the 3 year mark at WA and while I haven't hit the financial goals I've set for myself yet, I've learned a lot here that has started earning me some income online and it makes me feel that I am just on the cusp of hitting my stride
2016 has been a year of ups and downs for me, but more importantly a learning experience. I came into 2016 with the pedal on the medal so to speak and earned revenue on my first website for the very first time.No, it was not from affiliate sales, but it was from Google AdSense ads. My sum total for 2016? $6.00. I know that is not a lot, but it is revenue and it was the first time I ever earned revenue from a website in my life.It shows me that everything taught here at WA works. Another thing I
14 comments out the link above. That should alleviate any fears of affiliate marketing not working for you or that there are not enough people online who do online shopping. After reading that, all I have to say is WOW! That should show you the power of online shopping and how it CONTINUES to grow every year. This is why Wealthy Affiliate has the training it does so that you can learn to tap into that and earn some won
I'm now learning the hard way of what happens when you don't work consistently, don't research enough, and don't have a full plan of where you want to go with an online business because when the unexpected and big things come at you in life, it throws everything out of whack and makes you wish you had stayed up a little longer, researched a little more, done some extra training etc.....I unfortunately received bad news today. I'm going to lose my job in 2 months because the client I was working
I've got a renewed vigor so to speak, to work hard and consistent on my first website again (as well as my second one) and one of the biggest obstacles that I have not been able to overcome is removing an annoying piece of html code that shows by the comments section of my site!I have tried everything from adding stuff into the css style sheet, to trying different plugins to try and remove that annoying code and none of it has worked and I've broken my site a few times as well (thankfully it wa
November 24, 2016
I have decided that it is time for me to give up....the things that have been hindering me from working on both of my websites so that I can reach my financial goals someday. The second half of this year has been such a struggle for me to keep focused, motivated, and consistent that the site health of both my websites has suffered. Sure, I have posted content here and there, but nothing on a consistent basis. It's time to change that and so I've created a list of the things to give up that has
November 07, 2016
I like the badges here at WA because it marks milestones on one's business. I've just now got 2 of them, one of which is for comments and another for having over 100 posts published on one of my websites!What are some other milestones or badges anyone else has received here? I know there's the coveted Ambassador of course, but the badges just add a nice touch to show that you are making progress. Anyone agree?