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Now that 2018 is well underway, I've begun making important changes in order to have a successful year this year. If you've read some of my past posts, you'll have read that I decided to do a reset here at WA since I just basically lost all my focus in the 2nd half of last year and hardly worked on any of my websites. I pretty much just petered out especially considering I had a strong start and first half in 2017.I've started going completely through the training again and it has been so refre
It's amazing how quickly things can change in a year. When I started 2017, I was reeling from the shock of losing my job and my position that I worked hard at for the last 5 years. I started working hard on my first website in January and even created a plan of action of sorts. I changed the theme of my website which actually fixed a problem I was experiencing from my previous theme.In March, I got a brand new job and also got my very first affiliate sale from a product I was promoting as well
December 08, 2017
I was doing some keyword research this morning as I'm trying to come up with a good keyword for a new planned post of mine and I got an.....interesting QSR for this particular keyword. Take a look at the image below.You'll see that the very first keyword, the apocalypse, has a QSR of 000. I've never seen that before on any keywords I've researched in the past. I find it kind of funny that it shows this as well.Has anyone else ever gotten unusual or odd keyword research results before? Did I hit
Don't worry, it has nothing to do with the rankings here at Wealthy Affiliate. It has to do with rankings from my site on the search engines and I'm just completely baffled. I don't understand how some of my posts, especially some of my earlier ones from early last year, easily rank on the first page of Google, but a decent majority of my posts since then are not getting rankings at all, or are ranked on Bing only, Yahoo only, or Google only. I'm using Jaaxy to find the rankings of my posts and
I've gone so far out of my comfort zone that I may not be able to get back into my comfort zone, lol! Let's just say lately I've had an INTENSE drive to succeed, to work very hard, to start earning more money, the kind of money that I can start paying bills with and eventually live off of.I've gotten into things I haven't really done before and yes I'll admit I've even gone after a couple of shiny objects, but this has actually turned out to be of great benefit, I'm just keeping my fingers cros
Well folks, a big milestone has been reached and the timing couldn't be better. I know that my last blog post here was talking about how I may have jumped the gun on recent successes that had to do with traffic increases.Turns out after trying PPC and stopping a traffic exchange, traffic (according to Google Analytics) has returned to regular levels of anywhere from 25-50 sessions a day. All this after getting 100+ sessions a day because of 2 PPC campaigns and trying out a traffic exchange.The
March 11, 2017
Not long ago I blogged about some recent successes of mine that included much increased traffic as well as increased revenue from Google AdSense. I was getting consistent traffic for awhile of sessions 75 and above, even at times reaching 200 or more.Well that looks like it has all come to an end. The reason I had been getting that kind of traffic had to do with my foray with trying out a Traffic Exchange. I did that for a bit, but I've stopped because I didn't like how it was rapidly increasin
March 01, 2017
Today I've said goodbye to a job I've had the last 5 years, the longest I've ever been at any place. I also say goodbye to an industry I've been a part of for the last 8 and a half years.It has been a wild ride during that time that I've been in the call center industry, but I'm ready to move on. Now I'm not saying goodbye to the 9-5 job world quite yet as I have yet to make an income here that can truly replace that, but I am certainly working hard to change that. In the meantime, I've got a b
If you remember a while back, I posted a blog here about a job scare back in December that really got my but back into gear on working incredibly hard on my website. I changed the theme, updated some of my older posts, rejoined Amazon Associates, got my first sale (a big thank you to someone here for that!), started creating a weekly newsletter, and have updated my site with 2 or 3 posts a week.Recently I've tried a few different things as well to help with traffic. I did try a traffic exchange
I have been pondering ways of bringing more traffic to my website especially since I've been working really hard on it the last month and a half. I've read posts here about free traffic exchanges and I've also been wanting to get into the world of PPC.Well I've recently tried both and here's what ended up happening. I tried a free traffic exchange known as 10khits. You generate points there, by using their app/browser to view websites for a certain length of time and in response, your website w