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I've taken some time away from WA, a few months to be exact, to do some soul searching. I'm not throwing in the towel at WA, but I am going to be doing some things differently. I've got two websites, but one of them has been sucking my desire, dreams, goals and will to succeed away from me and the reason for that is I've totally lost interest in the subject matter of it. Video games seemed like the perfect niche for me to get into because it's been a big part of my life for a long time, but now
I now can officially say that I have TWO money making websites!! They aren't earning much and I still have a ways to go to match what my first website has earned during its lifetime, but this is a big accomplishment for me!The training here at Wealthy Affiliate works, both the Online Entreprenuer Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp! My second website allows me to promote Wealthy Affiliate as well as other money making programs out there, but for a good while, I had let that website go dorm
I'm another year older today and got to celebrate it with close friends and family and I've made a new goal for myself that I intend to reach before my next birthday (which will be my 40th). I've got 2 websites and for the last few years, I've had most of my focus on my first one, but as time has gone on, I've begun losing more and more interest in it.I've had some small successes with it and have earned some revenue from it, but certainly nothing ground breaking or life changing for me. I've h
Today I received my first ever payment from Wealthy Affiliate. It's such a great and exhilirating feeling to know that it is possible to earn money especially now with a new way to do so other than just your website solely (though it's for the benefit of your website!).I've used the SiteComments platform more in the last 2 months than I probably have in the last 2 years and it is amazing how much it is used now especially with the fact that you can earn revenue from it. Now I didn't earn a ton
I'm sure a lot of you have been excited with the launch of the revamped SiteComments. What's not to be excited about? You can get paid for commenting now if you meet the requirements for being a certified commenter and comments are being given out at a much bigger pace now.I have to say that I am happy with what I've been able to earn so far through SiteComments 2.0, but I want to share with you a recent experience of mine which is a learning experience for me and I hope it is for anyone else t
I'm now running into my first really severe problems with SiteComments. Whenever I publish new content to my site, I always request a comment or two and it usually would be pretty quick in receiving those comments. Over the past year though, I've noticed it has been taking longer and longer to receive comments, but I would still eventually get them.Well, it now appears I've hit the maximum amount of time that my comment requests are allowed to go because I've now gotten 2 private messages from
As the title suggests, my content is getting indexed by Google faster and faster. I finally decided to take action again and I recently came up with a lengthy post centered around a product I got to try out that hasn't been released to the public yet. Probably 30 minutes after I published it, posted it to social media, requested comments for it, and did the request indexing thing on the Google Search Console for both desktop and mobile users, I get an email from Wealthy Affiliate saying that my
We are all here to make a positive change in our lives. We want to become independent, no longer tied to the traditional day job and we have financial goals that we would like to achieve. I know I certainly do. Fortunately we have all found Wealthy Affiliate which I truly believe will help everyone here achieve those dreams and goals more than anything else that's out there. There's such a treasure trove of information and training here that will get you started on the right path and we all do
Today I just got a notification and a badge that I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 4 years! That is quite an amazing accomplishment and I have no plans on leaving. I've been learning a lot and I plan to make this year and the next 4 years much better than the last 4 years I've been here.The training does work, but I've moved a lot more slowly on things than others here have. While my first website has earned just a little bit of income, I still have a long ways to go to reach the income go
February 04, 2018
Don't worry, this post is not about me wanting to quit WA. Quite the contrary. I'm sure a lot of you here watched the Super Bowl and the amazing win by the Philadelphia Eagles. What has really inspired me though, is the quarterback who played a major part in that victory.I believe his name is Nick Foles, but what is really amazing is that no one really ever heard of him or knew much about him before the month of December as he was originally the backup quarterback for the Eagles who got his cha