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Last Update: June 03, 2020

I've been requesting comments recently for my posts on my website, but today is the first time I've ever disapproved 2 comments in one day and that is very concerning to me. Most of the time I edit them, not super extensively, but enough to where it seems more relevant.

The two comments I disapproved had absolutely nothing remotely related to the topic of my post. All they said was how well it was written and that they will share with others. No opinion whatsoever or even any mention of my article topic. I'll share one of those comments:

"thanks a lot for sharing such amazing post marked with brevity expression on statement I came across this post while doing research online and I think you have done a great work, enlightened and educative and very helpful to us all and your choice of words and skills of writing makes it easy to understand I plane on recommending this website to to friend and family"

Now take that compared to a comment that I approved and truly was relevant to what my article was talking about:

"Hi, great article about an ever-increasing challenge while being online. I have received these kinds of phishing attempts myself several times. I have always been suspicious about email messages which seem to come from Paypal (as in your example). I have checked both the email address and the body of the email itself for irregularities and managed to detect the attempt.

I also keep in mind when my last activities on Paypal as an additional check. If the email is outside the timeframe transactions normally gets done, the red light starts flashing."

Notice the difference? I've noticed others have talked about seeing an increase in those type of comments that are not relevant to the article topic. I was nice and explained why I disapproved the comments and specifically what I'm looking for so that they hopefully won't be disapproved by others in the future.

How often have any of you had to disapprove comments and are you seeing more of those type of comments that are being disapproved?

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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Brian,

I know it is not funny and I am battling with the same issue.
Actually, the battle started big way last year. During the whole month of November I was in contact with SiteSupport, we had 40 messages between us.
I normally only write 1 WA post a month. This time I wrote 3.
Christmas star, Gravatar II, and Gravatar III.
A good and new rule was put into place. 1 Person, independent of multiple Gravatars or multiple what ever can only leave 1 comment per post.
If I do not know the person I click on the small picture top left on the comment through SiteComments. Sometimes you can be in for a surprise. Then I go to notifications, hover over the picture so I can go to the WA profile, some more surprises might be waiting. I checkout the mentor and if necessary the mentor of the mentor.
If I find something strange, I will report it to SiteSupport , screenshots included.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

What is equally as bad is when one submits comments on that platform, and they look like your second exhibit (On topic and engaged as it should be) it gets disapproved because the author doesn't like it. Instead of doing this, I would authors contact the submitter to tell that person why he/she doesn't like the comment rather than zapping the submitter's record with a negative at the push of a button! Mind you, I'm not talking about the drive-by comments (first exhibit) which deserved to be zapped!
Defiant6 Premium
I've had that happen to me once. I submitted a commit that talked about the topic at hand and asked a question at the end, which was about if there was a monthly price for the product. The author disapproved it on the grounds that I should not question the price of the product under any circumstances and that I should pay no matter the cost because the product is guaranteed to transform my life. Needless to say, I was not happy at all and vowed never to comment on that person's posts ever again.
That's loco en la cabeza! The person who disproved my comment over writing about the experience I had with Audiobooks, which was terrible, could not deal with the fact that some customers do have gripes. You know, many companies take the bad with the good and publish them all if they're on topic. That's how the company does better.

Fairly recently I looked for the website that I commented on. It no longer exists! Give it some time and check back. A person who disapproves a comment for things like questioning the price on Site Comments, probably does the same thing to natural comments.

When you accept the bad with the good (if they are sincere,) contrary to what some people think when they get comments that are not quite up to par, tends to incite more trust - because folks can see that the owner of the website is transparent, honest and worthy of their trust. People are not stupid. The perfectionism that comes with deleting any comment that is distasteful, even when it's true and on topic is not natural. People (at least some) can see this.

Amazon publishes the good with the bad. I've seen it on Kyle's websites. I've seen it on Jay's. Those that allow the bad with the good tend to stay around awhile, and in spite of the negative comments, flourish. Disapproving negatives isn't the only quark that closes businesses. There are usually other bad business practices besides that.

You may find that website disappears after awhile. Unfortunately you (and I) are left holding the bag.
Linda103 Premium
I have had similar generic comments in the past Brian, so stopped using site comments for now. Then I didn't like to disapprove a comment, now I would do it without hesitation. If they haven't read the post and can't b bothered to make an effort to do so to write a relevant comment then its well deserved.
There are enough posts about this subject now to make it inexcusable.
Dmorrow Premium
It happens to us all. You brought it out in a good light about why comments are not approved sometimes. Seriously, if it’s not relevant why have it?


FKelso Premium Plus
I've had to disapprove a couple, though I hate to do it. It would be nice if we could speak to the person who made the comment to try to help them understand why it wasn't approved.