A Learning Experience With SiteComments

Last Update: October 31, 2018

I'm sure a lot of you have been excited with the launch of the revamped SiteComments. What's not to be excited about? You can get paid for commenting now if you meet the requirements for being a certified commenter and comments are being given out at a much bigger pace now.

I have to say that I am happy with what I've been able to earn so far through SiteComments 2.0, but I want to share with you a recent experience of mine which is a learning experience for me and I hope it is for anyone else that reads this too.

We need to remember the reason that there is a SiteComments in the first place. It is there so that we can help other members get engagement going in their posts which will look alot more favorable in the eyes of Google and other search engines as engagement is one of the big things they like to see in a blog/website. The most important thing though is that when commenting on someone else's article, we need to make sure that the post is relevant to what is being talked about and more importantly, that it makes sense.

I had one of my comments rejected today for the first time in over a year and after reading the reason the author/member disapproved of it, I realized it made total sense. I could've gotten angry at the person who disapproved it, but they are well within their right to disapprove any comment on their site. Instead, I used it as a learning experience and thanked the person for doing that as it's something I should've known better especially being a certified commenter. I know exactly how it happened though and I let my focus on earning some revenue for commenting overtake some of the most important aspects of comments in the first place.

The comment I left, while still somewhat related to the article, truly did not make sense and after I read the article again, I realized I did not fully get what was said in the article and I hastily left a comment that reflected that. Going forward, I'm going to remember why SiteComments is there in the first place and pay more attention to what is being said in a post and make sure my comment is relevant to the post as well as makes sense. I did that overall before the revamped SiteComments was launched and I need to always keep doing that and not let my focus solely be on earning the revenue from commenting now. Afterall, we want to help each other succeed and that should be the main focus.

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accad Premium
It is true that experience is a good teacher.
Cass51 Premium
Thanks for being so open Brian, I too had a similar experience my only one not approved, and I made the comment when I was extremely overtired. I think that is another area we need to be aware of when making comments.
jlclayton1 Premium
Good reminder for all of us--thank you!

Marley2016 Premium
You may have had a bad day true - but thank you for this post -
people are not taking the time they should when giving comments - sorry to say but I have had some that do not apply at all to the website - (not from you) - but just want to say

Thank You
Defiant6 Premium
You're very welcome. If people want comments on their site that's relevant to the content that's posted, we need to remember to do the same to others when we comment on their posts.
VictorF22 Premium
It's for sure a learning experience. You will get better and better and better :)
The "help each other" idea is the beauty of WA!