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Yeah, it is very tempting to become part of the holiday shopping rush and take a piece of the pie by making the right offers through my sites. Many thoughts have also been coming to the mind to try and cash in but something is not working out.Disappointing but I guess my unpreparedness to take the plunge is what 's stopping me. Starting just a couple of months ago on this platform, writing for the first time, getting myself familiar with this small piece of wonder called the laptop, learning wh
November 06, 2017
It is taking time to proceed with the levels of training in this WA course as newer things are coming up with respect to marketing & for me, definitely!! It does take time to research, write, review and publish a post or page and more so if one has created more than 1 website.Anyhow, moving on to the next level!!Cheers!
This thought has been coming to my mind quite often. We all are working towards the same goal of setting up a successful online business and under the able guidance and support of Kyle, Carson, Jay and others in the WA team, we are busy creating our niche websites, writing excellent blogs (at least trying to be excellent but for sure improving by each passing day), identifying keywords, and promoting the site in order to attract traffic.While on promotion, email, facebook, twitter, Google+, pin
One month is not a very long time, however, when I look back at what all have I achieved, it seems I have done quite a bit in this short time. Of course, I am looking at these achievements in the light of my lack of knowledge and practical usage of computers - hardware and software, and here I am with two websites LIVE and indexed. I am writing blogs, am sourcing pictures, researching topics on the net. and even, once in a while helping others (wherever I can) on topics they are stuck with.Havi
September 19, 2017
Dear Friends....this is the moment I was eagerly awaiting!!! Google has indexed my website. I AM THRILLED!!!This sure gives me a lot of motivation to go on. Thank you all for the best wishes and guidance, which I continue to seekCheersDeepika
September 18, 2017
For the starters, let me say that I can only call myself a novice with the computer...(okay, please do not laugh!!). I am serious. Being a homemaker is a 24 hour job in itself with no earnings but a lot of satisfaction in nurturing a family and creating a home out of just a house. However, now that my child is out of the age of being spoon-fed or being physically guided to everything, I have managed to get some free time at hand and the thought of earning some money while sitting at home, came