One Month WA - so much done but a long way to go!

Last Update: October 13, 2017

One month is not a very long time, however, when I look back at what all have I achieved, it seems I have done quite a bit in this short time. Of course, I am looking at these achievements in the light of my lack of knowledge and practical usage of computers - hardware and software, and here I am with two websites LIVE and indexed. I am writing blogs, am sourcing pictures, researching topics on the net. and even, once in a while helping others (wherever I can) on topics they are stuck with.

Having said that, I do realise that this is just the beginning. What all I have done is just the groundwork and the main task is just about starting - getting traffic to the sites and start earning. For the moment it seems like a daunting task but I shall overcome. And why not, with such a wonderful and ever helpful community, led by the most down to earth Kyle and Carson as guides, there is no reason for being skeptical about succeeding.

So, WA family, BIG thank you for being there and a promise that I shall be bothering you time and again for when I need to.



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sheikave Premium
Success is painful.
MKearns Premium
Cheers on your decision Deepika
DeepikaJ Premium
Thank you
Auduspring Premium
Am still going back and forth trying to make a sense of the voluminous items to dissect and comprehend, am barely 2 weeks old
DeepikaJ Premium
Trust me, this back and forth will continue and it is good to have such resources which you can refer to time and again!