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July 12, 2010
Hi My name is Leo and I have recently settled in New York City from Australia.  I had been doing some volunteer work while my residency came through.  This has been with a not for profit organisation which focusses on dveloping youth through playing Rugby.  I am very passionate about Rugby and so this was a really enjoyable experience which has now turned into a part time job which is absolutely great. I have run my own business in Australia for over 20 years and it is still oper
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I have been following the enquiry currently going on in Washington and have been amazed by the recent responses from the Omaha Oracle.  Firstly having to be subpoenaed to the enquiry surely seems like a major PR miscalculation.  Having such a clear association with the Street through both Moody's and Goldman investments together with his tremendous history of investor success,  it would surely have been in the best interests of the financial investment industry to be seen as