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I am a new member of WA and have looked at several Internet Marketing plans before signing up so have been pretty cautious in starting out.

The information they have provided has been impressive and the practical nature of their comments was what convinced me.

I have been very interested in the discussions and commentary about reasons for the meldown occurring in the financial and banking industries and have posted my first blog about this - see my Blog.
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Maghdalena Premium
Hi! I saw your message with Phbreez(Phil) as he is a buddy of mine as well. Phil has left WA and pursuing other ways of affiliate marketing. I thought you should know. Hope your I.M. Studies are going well
Hey, I noticed you had a concern with submitting articles...

So let me clarify this for you. Yeah you can post it up on your blog if you like. But its better if you submit it through the articles directory. You will put a relevant link to your blog or landing page in the resource box of your article when submitting.

That way, when your article finally starts getting views, the people will click on your link and be taken to a relevant page of your block, where hopefully you'll have plenty of hop-links and good reviews up to make a sale.

Dee23 Premium
Thanks for your reply Craig. I think I need to put a bit more on my site and then will submit.
webkab Premium
Just found you at WA. Lot of good info here and I will be using it to create another income source. Best of luck to you.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Dee23 Premium
Thanks Jamie. I looked at your profile and am afraid I am not the music man you are but I guess I need to be a bit more expansive about myself
Dee23 Premium
I am interested in comments about the Blog I posted