What Social Media Plugin Do You Use?

Last Update: November 21, 2019

So for those of you who don't know, I gave up on my Online dreams for a couple of years in order to secure a mortgage. It turns out banks don't appreciate casual work and the dream of Online domination. My second husband is also self employed and we were considered a bad risk. So back I went to the 9-5 world of being an employee.

Two years later with a house purchased and mortgage duly in place I am back. I need to put a social media plugin onto my site so I looked up the blogs to find out what is recommended these days. When seeking info here I always look for the the most liked post, and on this topic it was no surprise that it'is Kyle's bootcamp post on getting social. Unfortunately it turns out he is still recommending Socialable which has not had an upgrade in 7 years and only gets three stars.

I had a quick look to see what other plugins might have a gizillion users and be regularly updated, but nothing stands out. So I think we could all benefit from some Social Media recommendations until Kyle updates his bootcamp post. I will let him know.

Thanks everyone


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don1rock Premium
Hi Deb,
Good idea hope it works.
Talk2Ray Premium
Great question Deb. I am using Ultimate Social Media Icons but I am interested in what others are using so I will be watching this post.
debzo Premium
Thanks Ray? Apparently Kyle is updating the boot amp training so that’s something to watch out for too
lesabre Premium
Hi Deb,

I use Shareaholic - Grow and Engage Your Audience. I like it because it contains a cookie policy and once you have decided the social media you want to work with you can share your posts with just one click. I do believe they did an update about a week ago also.

Best wishes,
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Deb,

If you do not know on how many social platforms you will be participating you might opt for installing individual ones. Then in the future when you join new ones you can add on. What I know is that Google wants to see likes on your post. Having a plugin that covers all these platforms but it is only for the show as you do not have an account with each of them does not seem to be a good idea. Google seems to put an emphasis on FB. Have a look at my post.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Aussiemuso Premium
I use Ultimate social media icons. It is up to date and kyle recently did some training on it.
If you go to your plugins on your website and click add new. Key in social media.

The first plugin is Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons by Ultimately Social. It's easy to use. Perfect for sharing.

Lily 😁