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Last Update: November 10, 2019

The online universe is an intriguing place to navigate, in many ways it is like a microcosm of its offline, 3-D counterpart.

The inner reaches of our online universe is where WA resides; full of support, connection and camaraderie, much like our offline world of friends and family. Then there are the outer reaches where we work at a more business-like level to create the income that we are all seeking to enrich our 3-D world. Ultimately to achieve fulfillment we are aiming for success in both arenas.

I think it’s widely agreed that for ultimate success we need to achieve a careful balance between contribution in both inner and outer areas, i.e inside WA and in the world we are trying to create an income in.

What I’ve come to realise, yesterday actually, is that if we hold open our awareness the two areas aren’t as separate as we might think, the same principles apply. To be successful within WA we are given opportunities to grow, just as we are in our 3-D world.

When the going gets tough in WA my default was always just to push through but now I do as I do on the outside, and look at why the going is getting hard, what is blocking me. Hard going forces us to slow down and re-evaluate our path. The path of least resistance is always the path I aim for in my online and offline lives. If we don’t stay aware on our online path and force ourselves to take the hardest routes we risk burnout. That isn't to say that patience isn't an important part of all this and some things just take time. This is a journey like anything else and it has to remain primarily enjoyable, if not there is a blockage.

Both inside WA and outside in the huge online playground we navigate, the very foundation of what we do is the same and that is: using our gifts and passions to give people what they want and need.

Today I am revamping my website with that in mind and I have gifted myself a days annual leave to do it.

May your week be awesome.


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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Deb,

That sounds like a great idea to revamp your website.
I circulate my posts to give them up for comments. By going back to old posts I discover things which can be improved or see that a video has suddenly disappeared. A website is a living thing and one has to take care of it.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
debzo Premium
Yes it certainly is. Mines a work in progress at the moment but I’m enjoying the journey and going with the flow. Thanks for your comment :)
Mick18 Premium
Sounds like a great plan Deb.
Have a great week,
spurway Premium
I love your post. My Si Fu thought me that our brain is not the brain who gives the command it is your heart and your gut. In reality, we have 3 brains and they need to be in harmony with each other for us to function. If one takes over and most of the time this is the brain we hold ourselves hostage within our inner belief.

Have a beautiful day.
debzo Premium
Thanks Sylvia, well said, I have overbalanced at times. But no more 🤗
jojocinq Premium
Great plan. I know you will get it done
timstime20 Premium
Teaching great inside information ... you are definitely correct it will create a road block .. by seeing it does .., you have fixed Iit already ... enjoy your gifted day
debzo Premium
I’ve also realised that I try and help others with my posts here but I learn as much, if not more :)