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September 14, 2016
Big day yesterday. Up at 3 a.m, WA work until 5:45. Work from 7a.m until 6.30 pm. Checked WA messages on the train home and while scoffing down a Weightwatchers Lasagne and low alcohol beer. I could continue with my keyword research but I'm pretty brain dead and I think it's important to be able to switch off at some point. I may have only 249 days in which to achieve my goal but it's more of a middle distance run than a sprint and so it's still important not to burn out. So a couple of hours o
September 13, 2016
It's a new day in OZ while most of the WA community are winding down we're waking up, although there probably aren't many other Aussies as crazy as me and starting work at 3.30 am. I kinda need to do this on a Wednesday because I work at least a ten hour day in a job that pays the bills. If I want to work on my business it's pretty much this or nothing because I'm usually pretty brain dead at the end of the day. It's also easier to do this on a Wednesday morning because Hubby works away and I t
September 13, 2016
Wealthy Affiliate has most things but as it doesn't have a forum there is no accountability thread like some other sites have. I've been mucking about so long with IM in one way or another that I'm really quite over myself. So I'm getting serious and I've given myself a deadline of 252 days to get this thing done (if you want to read why you'll need to read the previous blog)....I mean how long can you can keep trying something before you walk away from it right? Remember the old saying about
September 11, 2016
HiI joined WA over a year ago and I've been on quite a journey since then. A journey that's brought me right back here to have another go with a slightly changed attitude. I'm not beating myself up over it because life isn't always linear, but I am looking to reconnect with renewed vigour and the knowledge that massive goals (like building a business), take massive effort. On the surface life doesn't seem that hard to get right. We all want to be happy, healthy and if not wealthy, then at lea
February 20, 2016 is an excellent marketing blog. They recently read some interesting articles on developing willpower and the effects of regular exercise. A habit of regular exercise will help keep us mentally sharper throughout your entire life. As we age, our body generates fewer and fewer brain cells (a process called neurogenesis). However, early research in mice suggests that exercise can help prevent this slowdown. An exercise routine can also give us more energy throughout the day
January 30, 2016
I love to write and I joined wealthy affiliate so that I could:-do more of what I lovehave control over that and process by learning internet marketinggive myself some financial security in my old age. My plan was simple, build up some websites that would generate recurring income so that I could give up my job and be be free to write what I wanted. The trouble was I was really just swapping one thing that I didn't want to do for another. As much as I love to write, writing content to sell pro
In order to have success with Internet Marketing the one thing we really need to do is to take action, regular, consistent, action. I know, it seems so obvious. Yet so many people don't do this and wonder why they aren't successful. I don't want you to be one of them and I won't be one of them.There are so many people who will do the work when it's the right time, the best day, when it's summer, when they aren't so tired.Unfortunately, waiting will not lead to success. Waiting until we know mor
We all love WA right? But we might not be making the kind of money we thought we would be making this far into our Internet business. Have we over committed ourselves with too many sites,so that we are not spending enough time focusing on ONE business. We may be spreading our energy over a few sites and in doing so we aren' t getting the results that we might have. Are we making the common mistake: too many sites, too many interests. This may be preventing us focusing our efforts and creating
November 24, 2015
Taking into consideration the number of people who actually set goals, the number of people that fail to achieve their goals is staggering. Thats why I haven't set goals in years, apart from having very broad goals that is, e.g. pass a course, get a job etc., nothing very challenging, and nothing in which I'm really in danger of failing. Until recently I've left my goals in the hands of the of the Universe. Then I read Dom's blog on WA. I was intrigued, especially when he told me that, even th
November 09, 2015