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If anyone else has had one of these as a result of a review I'd love to hear about it.Did you know that the big marketers have lawyers trawling the web for posts that say negative things about them? This is obviously why I couldn't find anything negative about the guy I paid a lot of money to for a product that is ineffective.I know there are lots of people here with review sites and was wondering if others have had this happen and what the outcome was? I'm reluctant to take the post down becau
Sharing linksI often think that we could do more to make the most of the WA community and support each other in the process. I've been doing some SEO work on my site and see that having at least one outgoing link is favoured by Google . I'd like to be able to do this within WA. SO... I thought that we could use this post as a place to share in the comments, topics that we are looking for quality sites/posts or pages on, to link our content to. We won't be able to put links in the comments but
I've just been reading some seemingly good information on the Warrior forum about what Google ranking will require from us in 2017. One of the biggies apparently will be diversity of engagement. This got me thinking that if we rely only on the comments we get through siterubix for engagement this is probably not going to look great from a Google perspective.I choose to be solution oriented about this kind of thing rather than problem oriented. Do you think It would strengthen all our engagement
Why do we write blog posts for Wealthy Affiliate? To network and improve out ranking within Wealthy Affiliate To provide value within the community To practise our skillsDid you know that Rule 21 of the WA blogging rules states the following: No "click bait" titles. The title of your post must represent the content you write. Do not create titles that are confusing and that have the purpose of attracting the most clicks as possible?While I have seen a little of this go on my main problem with b
I read a blog post of a poor member recently pulled up by an Ambassador for asking for comments on her external website. Fair enough that is against the rules and I'm sure, seeing all our Ambassadors are lovely that it was pointed out in a kindly manner.I thought I had better check out the rules for myself in case I inadvertently break any and get a gentle tap on the shoulder. I was surprised to see this one: - because I see this happening quite a lot"Do not post content where your readers are
Entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs love to read about and create morning routines. As if getting up at 5.00 am to contemplate their naval, find ten different things to be grateful for, pouring their soul into a journal and juicing up crates of organic veg is going to propel them into entrepreneurial stardom in super quick time. (Just trying out my semi-funny, controversial voice here)I don't have a morning routine and I know of other successful entrepreneurs that don't use them either. S
October 06, 2016
Someone asked yesterday in a blog whether we post for ranking or because we genuinely have something to say that will help others. I said that I don't blog for rankings because I don't want to add to all the noise just for the sake of it; I try to blog here only useful things for others. BUT...someone else said that they blog here as practise for their writing and that is something that I do need. Not my writing skills as such but my ability to connect with readers on a personal level. In this
First of all apologies if this post looks a bit odd, I'm out in the country and using my phone. Yesterday we did a 40 km bike ride along a forest trail and a rail trail. It was further than I've ever biked off road and it was tough to say the least. As I was pedalling along, I likened it to my IM journey :- It was new territory but I was determined to do it, a lot of it was not fun but without pushing through I wouldn't have succeeded, it hurt to the point that I was often in tears, I put mys
Good morning world of WAFF'ers :)OK so it's probably not morning where you are but when you live down under you have to get used to being opposite to most other people. This morning I'm embracing that fact because it helps my point of difference, and I'm as guilty as anyone of not putting enough of myself into my work.If you're in a profitable niche you will be competing with a a lot of other marketers and what sets you apart is YOU, but your customers can't know YOU unless you project yourse
Yesterday jimhan wrote an excellent post on approaching this business as a chicken or a pig, the premise being that chickens offer only a small part of themselves to produce an egg and a pig offers everything. It's a great analogy but in reality we need to be part chicken as well, because chickens go on producing and with a pig, well once it's eaten that's it. My aim is to be able to produce enough to satisfy my wants and needs but also create a life that's sustaining. I realise that my goals a