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...but it's pretty darn good. Kyle and Carson may have started this site but everyone here who contributes, helps to make it what it is and that's a pretty amazing thing in an online world that can attract some very sleazy, undesirable characters. I feel safe here and I feel very unsafe out there in the very big, scary world that online business can be. I think of myself as a principled person and I gravitate to people of similar intent. I know that while you get a few bad apples in any box of
So for those of you who don't know, I gave up on my Online dreams for a couple of years in order to secure a mortgage. It turns out banks don't appreciate casual work and the dream of Online domination. My second husband is also self employed and we were considered a bad risk. So back I went to the 9-5 world of being an employee.Two years later with a house purchased and mortgage duly in place I am back. I need to put a social media plugin onto my site so I looked up the blogs to find out what
November 18, 2019
I've only been doing this for a few months and I'm tired! In Aussie speak we say "stuffed", but I don't know if that's a description that translates well across the world, you may think I've over eaten.The thing is, most of us newbies are doing this on the side while holding down full or nearly full time jobs and still managing our families. It's a hard gig, and I've even come down with a couple of illnesses, which is not like me. Any strategies you would care to share regarding sustaining ener
November 10, 2019
The online universe is an intriguing place to navigate, in many ways it is like a microcosm of its offline, 3-D counterpart. The inner reaches of our online universe is where WA resides; full of support, connection and camaraderie, much like our offline world of friends and family. Then there are the outer reaches where we work at a more business-like level to create the income that we are all seeking to enrich our 3-D world. Ultimately to achieve fulfillment we are aiming for success in both a
This is my online blog post Number 5 (this time around)1. Acheivements within WA are important, because they are easier to nail than those on the outside. We all need positive reinforcement to keep pushing forward in the marathon that is online marketing.I broke top 100 today, I'm 99 lol, but it has given me a hit of motivation.2. Set ongoing, bite-sized, realistic goals and then prioritise them. I have a four day weekend (Melbourne Cup for those in the know). My goal is to create a Black Fri
This is my online blog post number 4. I'm going gang busters with WA work and feeling great BUT I discovered something really unfortunate about the free theme I'm using and thought it worth sharing because it's one of the ones that automatically comes up for us to use. My niche is the Law of Attraction and so can probably understand how excited I was when yesterady a comment I offered took me to another guy on WA in the same niche. I thought great, we can probably collaborate and support each
October 20, 2019
This is my online blog post number 3, thanks for reading :)Wikipedia defines Clickbait as - a form of false advertising designed to attract attention and entice users to follow a link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content.Wealthy Affiliatarians are generally good people and don’t use clickbait on their websites. Afterall WA's mantra is creating quality content that attracts search engine attention by using low-hanging fruit keywords. I know I’m speaking to
October 13, 2019
Post 2: Success, Mistakes and a big GoalI've tagged this as a success post because I have broken into the top 200 after being back on WA for less than four weeks. A lot of this post is about my failure and one of the things I love about WA is it gives us the ability to celebrate success amongst what could otherwise seem like overwhelming failures. We came back from holiday (vacation), last week and yesterday I watched an interiew with Michio Kaku, while I did a massive amount of ironing. I'd ne
Post OneHi and welcome to Online Marketing Blog... by Deb; my Wealthy Affiliate blog. This is an online marketing blog to document my progress from a virtual zero to a real life hero (or heroin) of online marketing.I’m starting this blog at Week three of my journey because from previous experience I know it’s best to put on ones own breathing mask first. With Wealthy Affiliate it’s very easy for me to get caught up in the community because it can be so much fun. I didn't want
February 20, 2017
I am but I think Steve Jobs in correct with this piece of advice. I think I've been focusing on the wrong things here. I've been like a person with a magnifying glass trying to light a fire with a hand that keeps moving. I've been chasing the money rather than chasing my dreams and that's actually why I joined WA. Part of this is due to negative thinking and partly due to impatience. So today is is new day and a move back to clarity. So that's me and my struggles, what are your struggles here,