How do you Beat Exhaustion?

Last Update: November 18, 2019

I've only been doing this for a few months and I'm tired! In Aussie speak we say "stuffed", but I don't know if that's a description that translates well across the world, you may think I've over eaten.

The thing is, most of us newbies are doing this on the side while holding down full or nearly full time jobs and still managing our families. It's a hard gig, and I've even come down with a couple of illnesses, which is not like me. Any strategies you would care to share regarding sustaining energy over the long haul would be gratefully appreciated.

My limited energy (something I didn't realise would be a problem), has led me to change my game plan. I want a location independent business because my daughters and grandkids live in a different country to my husband and me. I'm changing tack and going for local seo because I want a business that I can largely outsource. I want to set up enough business so I don't need to renew my day job contract in July. I'm a social worker and this was reinforced today when I thought the smell of cat urine in a family's home that I visited would cause me to faint. I thought what am I doing, I'm too old for multiple cats, their urine, ferets and a pet snake.

I want to work like a bat out of hell for the next 7 months so that I can take it a bit easier from then on in and spend some time with my family. I need all your suggestions for energising myself in the weekend and evenings. I am reluctant to drink much coffee in the evenings because then I can't sleep and that is definitely unsustainable.



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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Deb,

In my first year at WA, 2017, I was running here and there not knowing where my head was. I have calmed down as I now understand the basics that my websites need. I have set myself a work program and if I stick to it the stress is minimal.
Sitting in my workroom I have noticed it takes your energy. This is caused by all the EMF which surrounds us. What does help is to install a Himalayan salt lamp to clean the air.
In the evening a Rooibos tea would be better. I sleep in a, as dark as possible bedroom and no gadgets, laptop, etc are allowed in there. When going to bed I unplug everything to minimize the radiation. I take 1 Melatonin 10mg half an hour before going to sleep.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
debzo Premium
Thanks for your great advice. I’m thinking this kind of thing must be part of your niche. I tried to check it out but couldn’t on my phone and my lap top is doing a big upgrade, but I will because I need more energy to meet my goals. It was interesting that in some training I did for my job today someone highlighted the difficulty of maintaining energy outside of our day work to achieve anything else worthwhile is difficult. Because of the demands of the job.
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Deb,

One website is more health orientated and the other website more on environmental issues. These websites often overlap as it is all related.
For both websites, I have written quite a few posts on different types of radiation
Our lifestyle, foods we eat and now on top radiation, it is a miracle we humans kind of still function but it is getting more than serious. The "cleaner" you live the more energy you will have.

All the best, Taetske
timstime20 Premium
You answered it yourself ..... you have a very strong dread it can be as or more powerful then a dream... you may not want to this but I’d put some cat urine in a jar and every time I felt exhausted I’d open while looking at a picture of my Grandkids ... we have reserves we don’t even understand .. may be extreme ... want you to achieve your endgame ..
want only best for you
debzo Premium
If I could give a prize for the best suggestion this would be it!!. I am (so lucky) that I will most likely have the pleasure of a cat urine visit once or twice a week for the next ten weeks, by that time I should have that family firmly imprinted as a reminder to get the hell out of here. I will put more grandkid photos up in the hall.
Thanks Tim :)
Aussiemuso Premium
Find your balance my girl. You don't want to run yourself so ragged that you can't create your business and win free.
Let your drive compel you but take mini breaks to refresh yourself.

An evening, an hour after work, an afternoon on Sunday.
Live while you work and dream.

Cheering you on from here in Australia.
You never want to get too stuffed or you might quit, which is not a good plan.

If it takes longer, so be it.
Wishing you massive success with all my heart.

Lily 😁🌹
debzo Premium
Thanks Lily. Yes I will of course take breaks but I feel like I need to create energy inside myself to reach this goal in a timely manner. I know from past experience that if I let it drag on I lose motivation. My house of horrors clients will be a great reminder of why I'm doing this.
Jules73 Premium
I hear you Deb and while our goals are all different and I'm not tied to a time per se I would like to see some kind of light at the end of the office work day tunnel within the next 18months.

I tend to do most of my website work during the week, and I use the weekend to recharge with limited time on-line and using the two days to take care of my self. It might be worth considering as I always feel refreshed from the break!

Hope you find your balance 👍
debzo Premium
Thanks Jules
Do you have a partner? While I do work midweek afterwork I feel like I'm disengaging from my relationship if I do too much. But you're right I should try and factor in a couple of hours each night work I think.
Jules73 Premium
I've got a husband and two small children (9 & 12) - I'm lucky in that I word from 9 to 1.30 pm every day so I tend to work "on-line" while my children are doing their homework, and before husband returns home.

We always eat together as a family and sometimes when he goes training in the evenings I use the opportunity to go online again. He knows what I am doing and supports me but I agree you do need to strike a happy balance.

Weekends are normally taken up with the family and catching up with friends etc. it's all about what works for you I guess. Jules
megawinner Premium
The best way to do this is to manage your time. You have to do what you have to do. You may have to change some of your routines to give way to this new venture of yours. Knowing that WA could have a future impact on your financial well being, I suggest you start investing your time here. Yes, I agree, with Marijana, listen to your health, Now I'm going to rest and refresh!
debzo Premium
Thanks :)
I think I'll re-write my schedule and just push through with it knowing that it won't be forever. I think when you're working as well setting a timeframe is useful because otherwise it could drift on forever and then motivation and energy really runs out.