Last Update: October 20, 2019

This is my online blog post number 3, thanks for reading :)

Wikipedia defines Clickbait as -

a form of false advertising designed to attract attention and entice users to follow a link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content.

Wealthy Affiliatarians are generally good people and don’t use clickbait on their websites. Afterall WA's mantra is creating quality content that attracts search engine attention by using low-hanging fruit keywords. I know I’m speaking to the converted here because it is virtually lasered into our brain very early on in our training. BUT.......

What about our WA blog posts?

While we don't use dodgy links to attract people to our posts, we have to use something and apart from our good name the only thing we have is the title and subject of our post. Remember that these rank on search engines too and we get paid for any visitors we attract to WA via our blog post who joins WA (or so I believe, if I’m wrong about any of this please let me know. I’d also love to hear from anyone who has actually made a sale this way).

So a dilemma here is do we title our WA blog posts for Google or for WA attraction? In case you haven't noticed WA blog post titles tend to be quirky and interesting rather than targeted to keywords.

When you open yourself up for blog notifications via email you get a lot, and you get more and more as your network grows. It can be virtually impossible to read every blog post of everyone you follow. So you choose the blog posts you click on in one of three ways, either it’s from someone you know will give you a worthwhile read, it’s a topic you are specifically very interested in, or you are intrigued.

Building a loyal following of readers

It takes time and consistent effort to build a following of readers who love your content, but you also need to get some traction in the first place, so that people actually know your content is good.


Writing on specific online business topics of interest to WA readers is great and you can probably use keywords to rank well in search engines for this kind of post. The problem here is twofold: the frequency with which you are inspired to write this kind of post and the fact that if only these kinds of posts are posted .....well it leads to a lack of diversity of blog posts. WA blogging is about more than specific affiliate related posts.

How do you write WA blog posts that attract attention on WA and that rank on search engines, while of course not going down the dubious road of using clickbait?

It’s a tough one. Yes, you can mix it up, do a little of this and a little of that and let it all happen organically (which is probably how most people operate), but when time and energy are limited resources and you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, I think it’s an important question to be asking.

While I did manage to find a title for this post that is actually a good keyword and that I think will be a popular blog post, this was more by good luck than good management and the proof is still to be found in the pudding (if you know what I mean). Obviously I don’t have all the answers but I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts who cares to open this blog post, read it and share.

Thanks again for reading


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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Deb, some really valid questions, out in the trenches click-baiting can be a tool that many marketers use.

I think that I would probably be confident in saying when we come across clickbait headlines you kind of feel cheated.

Personally I feel like the author is taking the proverbial and treating the reader with disrespect. It does work and the trouble is that it works well for a time but what happens is that the click-baiter rapidly burns through their goodwill.

Not a good long term marketing strategy.

Inside WA we are not supposed to use clickbait titles, it doesn't stop members doing so.

The classic one " I am quitting" or "this is the end of the road"

In a closed environment, they work, they get engagement, every time.

A close relation is " bait and switch" where the headline is not really related to the content of the post, happens heaps.

Like you say the titles are exposed in your email feed if you have notifications switched on.

Do they work yes on WA because you are tapping into the empathy strings of your fellow members they flock to your show out of concern?

It is a natural reaction when a friend shows distress, we are caring individuals and community involvement tends to help develop that quality.

My refections are based on observations over the last four years.

We do need diversity, so when it comes to the blog forum the more diversity the merrier. The trouble can be that members can get caught in that reward incentive process where they start to produce formulated posts that invariably end up being a rerun of previous well-ranking posts.

The thing is that every piece of content created in WA has an affiliate link associated with it by default. Even if we share other members' content it is our affiliate link that is added to the content, by default.

That is an extended marketing opportunity that I guess many members do not know about. I think once again it comes down to being selective, there is ranking WA content and then there is quality WA content.

That covers the field.

If we become strategic then yes the possibility exists to be able to promote from within WA to the outside online communities.

A good process can be to create that WA benefits post or something similar, how WA has helped me, why haven't you gone premium at WA this is what you get, etc, and then share it on your other web properties, social media and where ever.

Another thing we can do is to create content here in WA and then directly link back to this content from your web properties.

Some affiliates are doing this to good effect.

Just copy the URL of this post and paste it into your browser incognito and you will see what I mean. As soon as a non-member clicks through to wealthy affiliate then they are directly into the sales funnel.

If we get creative use Jaaxy do some research and then do search analysis, it is possible to create some really good headlines and content that has that wider appeal.

If people were more aware then they would probably give it more thought when it came to posting here in WA.

It can be about that intent motivation and that reward incentive, one outweighs or councils out the other.

I am still deliberating, the processes and flow of WA are on a totally different level, I am a simple person and I am not sure whether it is by design, or by one of those totally human moments where we all wake up and pinch ourselves just to make sure we are not dreaming it all.

Just a thought sign off your posts with your name and then set your name as a tag.

Sorry about the long reply, I enjoy thoughtful posts and engagement, I have trouble being in the house when confronted with clicky content probably just getting old and grumpy.

Each to their own.

debzo Premium
Please don't apologize Alex. I am amazed at your level of knowledge and the generosity of your comment. There is so much in your reply that it's going to take me a while to digest it all. Can I just clarify my first query though?
Am I right thinking you said that if we share another member's blog post, our link is the one that is associated with it for anyone visiting WA? Wow!! I didn't know that.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Deb, that is the case, it is not widely known.

Just click on the little blue affiliate button, right next to the little red envelope.

There will be a pop up just copy the link, your WA affiliate link will be associated with that content.

We can also click the little red envelop and email, content, the same thing occurs it is your affiliate id is attached.

If it is content that we have created, then this happens by default.

Hope that helps, WA is such a deep platform, and there are so many opportunitys to create positive outcomes.

debzo Premium
Thanks Alex, you are my hero :)
Aussiemuso Premium
Wow Alex, great insight. I haven't even pondered about what we post here, I just try to make it relevant.
As Deb said, it's going to take me a while to process all this.

Lily 😊
Aussiemuso Premium
Lots of good points Deb. I'm too new to know.
What I do know is that when I write WA posts I do it to share a thought or progress. For this title I never check Jaaxy and it has freed me up to learn to blog.
When I write content for my website it's all about keywords, information and getting indexed.
Two different strategies.
I hope it works.

Lily 😊
debzo Premium
Hi Lily
Yes it does work :) It works organically but I guess because I've been here before I know that for me I need to see results and so I'm always looking for the best investment for my time. Thanks for your comment :)