Are Written Blog Posts Still Effective?

Last Update: March 08, 2020

This is really bothering me at the moment and I would really appreciate your thoughts. Obviously differnt niches have different requirements and there will probably always be a place for written product reviews but trying to build relationships online with people via written blogs.... well I'm not so sure anymore.

I got into this business because writing has always been my thing, but if people prefer to get their content via podcasts or video do I need to make the leap? I know I prefer to watch video because I can multi-task. I can watch a video about somthing while I'm getting the dinner or doing some ironing. Reading is very much a full on focus thing and I'm also wondering if this is why there has been a drop in the quality of WA comments. People don't really want to spend time reading anymore.

Phew: Your thoughts please, this is stressing me out.

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JeannineC Premium
There will always be a segment who wants to do their research, who can't get all of their questions answered in a video. Write articles for them.

I had a site on insurance, where each article was 1200-1400 words on a narrowly focused topic. By reading the entire article, you became fairly well educated, as I strove to include all the most important points. My call to action was at the end of the article. My conversion rate was 75%.

Yes, content can be very effective indeed.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I believe that they are--there are still many people out there who read the written word, believe it or not!
Stanleycmng Premium
You have a point. The pie has more slices now with blog posts, podcast, youtube etc...
drjec Premium
I don’t think that relationships are formed by blogs, but information shared and people engaged with that information.
jofa Premium
People still read articles. You have to know your audience and balance situations.

There are many problems in the world, the pointer to how much money you can make, or how fast you'll make money depend on the issue you decide to tackle.

The best choice is to pick one problem and focus on that problem via all medium of content e.g., Video, Podcast, and via article writing.

The article is still vital as long as people keep on searching to solve their problems. You may consider voice search incorporation into your keyword search.


debzo Premium
Sorry I don't know what you mean by voice search incorporation?
jofa Premium
Check your private message. Just sent something to you.
debzo Premium
Thanks :)