5 Pearls of Wisdom from top 100!

Last Update: November 01, 2019

This is my online blog post Number 5 (this time around)

1. Acheivements within WA are important, because they are easier to nail than those on the outside. We all need positive reinforcement to keep pushing forward in the marathon that is online marketing.I broke top 100 today, I'm 99 lol, but it has given me a hit of motivation.

2. Set ongoing, bite-sized, realistic goals and then prioritise them. I have a four day weekend (Melbourne Cup for those in the know). My goal is to create a Black Friday campain. Everything else is secondary.

3. Don't give up, even if you need to take a break like I did. The knowledge gained is always with you. Even if it's a bit rusty and some things change, the knowledge you build is a resource you will always have.

4. Remember why you're doing this. I want my own location independent business for freedom and so I can spend part of the year in another country with my grandchildren. Creating that is not a small thing.

5. Productivity is a fine balance between focused work, rest and recreation. I forced myself to sleep in till 7.00 am this morning because I noticed I was getting tired and the old grey matter wasn't working so well.

We've all made an investment to be here. Let's make the absolute most out of it. Please share your pearls of wisdom.

Thanks for reading


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jojocinq Premium
Very inspiring
debzo Premium
Staying inspired and motivated is half the journey here. I have designated today to figure out technical stuff on my site which is not so easy and I need to stay very inspired to achieve :)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Great pearls!! 🎉 Congratulations on the top 100!!
ELangley1 Premium
Congrats, Deb. Thanks from the encouraging word. :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Congratulations on breaking the top 100!!

debzo Premium
Thanks :)
timstime20 Premium
Congrats .. like the post. .. thanks