Why I am a yearly member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Last Update: September 24, 2018

Why am I yearly Member at Wealthy Affiliate.

I decided to go yearly at Wealthy Affiliate for quite a few reasons. I didn't actually do it straight away. I did however upgrade to premium almost immediately. I knew I would be crazy not to. That $19 offer was just too much of a bargain to not one to.

Yes I know I get tons of PM's of some who can't afford it and some that want to but just don't have the funds. I totally get that. I was broke. I actually turned to my Dad for the extra support. Lots of people live on the bread line and if you a Mom like me then what we want out of life is right at the bottom of the pile. In other words. That school uniform or a pair of shoes for the kids is more important.

I certainly knew right from the beginning this platform had something I wanted and needed. My Dad also got that. After all he was the one putting his credit Card details up to pay for my first few months. I am so happy he believed in me to do this for me. Yes I know to some $49 isn't a lot but to others it is a lot. I knew I had to do this.

I have done so many online free courses. Future Learn, Open university, Allison courses. Even the Colin Farrel. They all lead to the same thing. They wanted thousands out of me and I couldn't afford none of it. They also split up all the courses so it would lead me into pay more thousands out. I dint have the measly $19. Yet I still stayed here at Wealthy Affiliate.

The reasons being was every single thing I needed to build an online business was right here on this very platform. Even my first website parking spaces London.siterubix I kept it like that for nearly 7 months. It was actually doing that well. Then I paid for it to be a.com my own domain $15.99 per year it was a blip.

I still could keep it here and if I broke my site I could get it fixed for free and yes within minutes. No automated calls and messing around so no extras to pay out for there. Free SSL too. So important as google want you now to have SSL certificates. Lots of platforms take advantage of that so it can cost you a good few 100 dollars more. That can rise as well with inflation. Not here though its free always :)

I just knew that making money overnight is impossible. I got sick of the hype and scams. I wasn't willing to part with cash to lose it. We can be robbed on the streets and being careful with our purses etc. Getting robbed online happens and more so because we are willing to hand over our personal details.

I was thanked full my Dad trusted me to help me out and lend me his details. I now pay my own way and I have paid my Dad back and have given him more too. It was scary I thought I won't fail here and I can't fail. I would never turn to my Dad for anything but I knew I had to. Going yearly seemed sensible. I drink Coffee a lot. I. also smoke cigarettes a bad habit I know.

Building my own online businesses that cost me less than 78 cents a day. Really that is possible.

Actually it really is and I have never paid for my traffic and I use free themes from word press. I may however one day splash out a little on some extras but I haven't really needed to. To date I have earned 15,700 pounds and I continue to earn. That's a lump sums but I also earn weekly wages.

So why did I upgrade to yearly?

Why because. Everything I need to build as many successful businesses is right here in Wealthy Affiliate. I get free Jaaxy lite and I love it. I get free ssl Free support free It helps when I fluff up my sites. Free support Free images with free super optimized images. Super fast websites. 50 websites all in all.

Support from the most friendliest helpers in the W.A. community. Help from Kyle and Carson. Training galore and Live weekly training from Jay. I am kept ahead of the competition. I can budge big google experts off the Page 1 in google if I want to. . I know I can I have done it meany times.

My credit card details and my Dads to have never been compromised and I have never once since I have been here since 2016 being hit with a bill that could be in the thousand dollar mark. Also, I am not sold extras or badgered into buying extras like email landing page's funnels etc. .

In fact, I am warned to stay away from some of it and only spend money on email like Aweber etc when I am up and running and have at least a good and decent list that I can start to earn some money from it. Not even funnels. They don't even badger me into buying into one of them. Here at Wealthy Affiliate we have an abundance of free tools that we all need to use. Tech savvy or none tech savvy.

Jay our Live training chief.

So yes. I am sticking with my yearly membership for as long as this company is around. I know they ain't going no where. They have over 10 years of experience. Nobody has had there personal details compromised nobody has been robbed of thousands. Heck yeah of course I am staying.

I am building up some pretty substantial and lucrative money making business here. I ain't giving up nor leaving. I am in this for the long run just like my businesses are going to be.They are going to be lifetime businesses not just an overnight whims.

This is my future and Wealthy Affiliate is a big part of that future. So are you all if your new beginners if you stick around for the long run are apart of that future. I am always hanging around to help out when you need it. So too for premium members we all love to help out.

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate Site Support and you awesome lot the best community of helpers out there on this big place we call the world wide web.

~Debs :)

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gcd Premium
Thanks Debs. Great post. Thank you!
Debs66 Premium
Thank you for passing by.
Debs :)
firstlearn Premium
A good inspirational post, Debs. WA will probably outlive us all.

Debs66 Premium
I hope it does. I can't see them ever selling it. Not only that I love the ethics that they started out with and as they have grown they still stay the same. Affordable for everyone. Pay it forward platform. The founders Kyle and Carson are amazing.
Debs :)
kpercival55 Premium
Good for you Debs!
Very inspiring post...never give up!
Debs66 Premium
Thank you KyleAnn :)
Donna0328 Premium
Very well said!!
Debs66 Premium
Thank you Donna :)
MKearns Premium
There are many reasons to go annual and none to stay away!
Debs66 Premium
So very true Mike. :)