Upping the Anti On Sac Training.

Last Update: April 28, 2019

Yes I am upping the anti on Sac Training.

Lots of people ask me why I didn't succeed as an Affiliate Marketer last year promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Well the simple reason was I got so busy with Local Marketing I just didn't have the time. I spent a lot of my time networking and in meetings with Location Managers and Crews. I simply wasn't going to put to one side something that earned me massive commissions.

Suffice to say that Website and Business is now closed due to building taking place on that said parking lot. I have another couple of businesses and one of them is a parking lot too. The only thing is the said parking lot I have built a Website for has Height restriction so I can't work with the location sets like I used too. I still do but not monthly like I used too. So I have freed up some time.

Now I have more time on my hands I can give my W.A. website all the time it needs just about. I was doing really well writing out posts everyday then I hit a lull. Sometimes people can get in your way and cause unnecessary stress when you don't need it. So my confidence took a bit of a hit and my self-esteem. Not one to back down I kicked back and pulled myself up again. It might take me a week to get up but believe me when I get back up I am on one and I mean it. Then I will fight back and do double the work to catch up.

My Website was looked over by a top marketer who reached out to me and offered me some amazing help. I don't want to mention his names as no doubt you will hit his Pm's here like crazy. Let me tell you this guy is the top of the game. I did all the things he told me to do and corrected a lot of mistakes. Since then my website Rank and indexing has climbed and so are my visitors. I wrote a post out and the next day I could see a visitor on my website in Google Analytics. That made my day.

Here is a big massive

I have a few new posts that are page 1 in google Yahoo and Bing. I am chuffed to bits. My writing has got better and I have a better flow so things are done quicker. Like today, I have written two posts used Canva for my own images, and added the new URLS to Google console and fetched both URLs with Bing Bot. I have also tested they are fine for mobile and they are. I have now got to post them to my social media feeds. I have a plan for social media too. I love Instagram I have my biggest following with Instagram with over 2k followers.

I am getting referrals everyday just about and I am loving interacting with my referral's that upgrade and I also love to help all new members here. I see some comments made saying that promoting Wealthy Affiliate is difficult as there are so many doing it and it's even worse now because of us all in Sac. Do not listen to them how do they know. You might be the next Grace or the next Jerry. They have no way of knowing how good you are going to be. You do as you want but just because someone fails at Affiliate marketing it doesn't mean to say you will. Period!

As I am a Local Marketer and an Affiliate Marketer I never get chance to get bored. Like I said if I am kicked down I will only kick back and come back stronger. I am here to earn a living for my family and I am doing well as you can see in my older posts inside Wealthy Affiliate. I know that it may take my time but that time is now paying off. I am building out my businesses to last me a lifetime and who knows if I pass on I would want my children to be able to carry on where I left off.

Yes I have even written out my will that includes my logins to here lol and my business websites. So yes this is going to be a lifetime business for me. My family my children are my end goal. I want them to have a better life and I know they are enjoying life this very second. After all my daughter is in Holland again with her friend all paid for by the bank of Mom lol. I love treating my kids. They have both been to Holland twice now this year.

Nobody said this was going to be easy and yes you need to do the work but I am already proof of what Wealthy Affiliate can do. I sat in my own Villa last year paid for by me sitting on my Backside doing nothing but getting a suntan and of course a tiny bit of work on my sites but not much lol. I need a waterproof laptop lol. Do they exist ???

Anyways let me just say Wealthy Affiliate works so does the training and do not miss any of it and watch Jay's Live training, If you have missed any then binge watch Jay instead of the game of thrones lol. I have made fortunes all by spending less than a cup of coffee a day and I love it. Saying that what is your morning grind here is my morning grind.

Anyways have a fab week all of you and thank you for all of your support you guys are amazing.

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kpercival55 Premium
Always great to hear from you Debs!
You are just a little ray of sunshine! 🌞

Debs66 Premium
So are you Kyle Ann. Its always lovely to see your face, Have a lovely week sweetie xx
apache1 Premium
Well done Debs for all the achievements to date and I know you will continue to excel in both the local marketing and Affiliate marketing.

Why because you are an amazing person who gets the job done regardless of any challenges that may present itself to you.

Yes, there are many forms of challenges some we may not like or invite but being the awesome soul that you are you get up each time. That is what makes you successful in all you do Debs

I am so proud of you Debs but you know that already.

Keep going forward other can't see the success because they are too busy trying to drag others down with them. Their turn will come.

Continue to believe in yourself and all you do Debs you are one amazing Chick and I am honored to be connected here with you. You are such an inspiration to many including myself

Andre :)))
Debs66 Premium
Hey hey Andre I was just going to PM you but wanted to post this first. I thought you might be asleep lol :)

Thank you for passing by. You have been a real treasure and have been a big support to me.

I have been so busy writing and concentrating on my sites. I missed out so much last week because of the headaches. Let's see if this week is better.

You are one of my closest friends here and I love all your support Andre you are amazing. Thank you :) 🤗
apache1 Premium
Hey Debs

Thank you and it's 8.15am Monday morning so definiately not asleep. Pm if you wish no probs with that glad to see you post more blogs here and always looking to read more as the days go by.
I do hope those headaches ceased but glad to see you getting stuck into all you do

You are awesome too Debs as I said so glad we are connected here in WA and you are a real treasure that WA has managed to have here.

You are also an awesome friend one could ever ask for.

Andre :)) Always
Debs66 Premium
Lol I never work out our times lol. You have a wonderful day ahead lucky you.. I am off to bed.

You know what people say if I am on here late lol. They assume other things.

When I wake in the morning I will shout you out for sure. My daughter is back Wednesday and I am so excited to see her x I am going to be busy I have plans for a new bedroom furniture etc for when she arrives back home. I have missed her like crazy.

Catch up tomorrow Andre take care and please have a wonderful day :)😘🤗
AlenkaV Premium
Brilliant post!

Couldn't agree more. If you don't succeed at first, try harder the next time.

I heard the other day (can't remember who said it, sorry), that there is no failure, just feedback! I love that.

I'm also doing the SAC, and working super-hard to make a nice living for my tiny twins and me. :)

How lovely of you to treat your daughter and her friend to fab trips abroad. You sound like a super-cool mum!

All the best, and hope to meet you in Vegas :)
Debs66 Premium
We are going to have some fun and I do hope we get to meet in Vegas that would be fabulous.

Have a great week sweetie and thank you for passing by.
Debs :)
PBA Premium
Congratulations, I know the commission route only to well. Trying to keep everything in perspective is hard but WA will definitely be worth it.
Well done and best wishes
Debs66 Premium
Thank you for passing by first of all.

Yes we have some work to do in front of us. I love the excitement of all those in the Sac training. It kind of spurs us on.

Looking forward to catching up with you more Peter. Have a great week.

Debs :)
Tirolith Premium
Up, up and away to success.
Debs66 Premium
Thank you so much Tom :) Have a great week to Tom :)