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Here is a post I did 12 days ago and is on Google page 1 and yahoo. Page 1. Sometimes I really do shock myself. Here is a screen shot from Jaaxy. Gosh I love Jaaxy.Found In Google page 1 position 3. Thats me in the green box And on Yahoo I am in Page 1 Position 1.My days just get fabulously better. Woo hoo. Regards Deborah. Pop in a comment and let me know how Google works for you.
There is not one thing I want to say here I do not want your likes nor comments but I feel I need to share a Post written by Wayne. I do hope I am allowed to do this, but I do feel the need to share it. Like I said its not for my Likes or interactions I just think it is an insprational read for us ALL. Please just click my Link. I just want to share with you That words do have power. is the link please read it. This post is tr
March 16, 2018
I have just spent an hour chatting with a potential referral in Messenger. Doing what I do. I have just made the biggest mistake ever. I like to promote the free Members entry. So there I am doing my thing. Only for one great Referral. a nice young man may I add Come back to me and say. "I can't enter for the free link as it will not let me."I have never felt so foolish because I didnt know that certain countries are not allowed in for the Free entance and they are not allowed the first Month $
March 16, 2018
Hi, Everybody,I have now been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2016. I have had my moments and had time when I thought I couldnt do this. If there is one thing I already knew as soon as I came to Wealthy Affiliate. I was not going to give up never. I kept working and sticking to the training. I am now a success in my own right. My businesses continue to grow stronger every single day. I never ever thought I could do what I do now. My kids think I am one Awesome Mom. My husband is proud too. If I
Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate,My Local business website have been found by a German company. So that is another a big check in the bank for me. I couldnt have done it without W.A. and the awesome training from Jay @magistudio in Local Seo. There is more to Wealthy Affiliate than meets the eye. There are so many ways to earn money within this Platform. So if any body feels like giving up. Please don't. Back in November 2016 I didnt have a clue what I was doing and since then my life has got a who
March 07, 2018
Hey, Wealthy Affiliate,You Guys Kyle, Carson and the team behind you the ones we dont get to see. You Guys/Girls ROCK.You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am sure everyone here thinks the same. There is just one thing!Kyle and Carson We need an APP. YES! an APP.!All our Websites are Mobile Friendly. Every where we go we carry our phones. So imagine if we dont have access to our Laptop we have access to our phones 24/7 365 days a year. Everybody today loves Apps.Dont you thi
March 03, 2018
Every day I am going to do one very important thing. It will take me all of two Minutes. I am going to login To Wealthy Affilliate. I am going to click on my Little black Aeroplane. I am going to go into my referrals.I am going to check to see and if so follow them up. Even though I know they have mine and Kyle emails sent out as they arrive. I am going to make sure if I have any new referral's. I can then take care of my New referrals. None of us know when we get them unless we check them
March 03, 2018
Hi, Ladies,Now This is in no way in offence to you Gentleman out there in Wealthy Affilliate. I just would like to post this one out to our Ladies and young Ladies. Most of us are forever multitasking. Children, Grandchildren, Jobs, Housework. More house work. In all essence in our daily lives. We are Mums, Grans, Nans, Nurses, Sisters, Daughters.We are also Plumbers, decorators, councillors, Mechanics. That list could go on and on. I know because I do all those things myself. I can change a ca
February 22, 2018
So I am having a real moment. I know my new posts have been added in google. I know I am doing really well at my Local SEO. I know my posts have there Ranks. This is about me and my Super Affiliate self. I want my affiliates to stay. I already passed one hurdle, but what about this hurdle. I want more am I wrong to ask for more. Getting referrals isn't so hard but getting them to stay is. I want to be in Live chat looking after my newbies too. Why cant I be,,, what is it I am doing wrong. I am
February 10, 2018
Hi, Peeps, I Just want to share my opinion on Site support! I have submitted in the past a quite a few support tickets. Yes I have fluffed up my sites more than once. I am a working progress and probably a challenging one as well. We dont get to meet site support here. I know they are so busy. After all they look after us all, '' How many members are we now?''Thats without all the background stuff they do. I couldn't sit around waiting on a call system. I have to do that with the likes of my