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Yhep that was a comment that Kyle said on one of my posts here in W.A. I was blogging about my Parking Spaces London. How I was earning my commisions. Etc. He was so right. The actual potential on offer here at Wealthy Affiliate is seriously unbelieavable. I know, yes refferals and building amazon shops. Yet there is more so much more. Just sometimes it means getting your backside out of your comfort zone and litrally thinking outside the box. There is more than one way to "Fry A Fish." Yes
So what is standing between you and a successful life changing career?For most, I would say lack of confidence to start with. You think it's impossible, maybe you don't feel clever enough. You don't know where to start. You have no idea what to do. You assume you will be pretty lousy at it. You worry you may come across as foolish or spammy even. You may be bran new to this, have even tried this kind of thing before. Affiliate Marketing even launching a blog or website that has failed. You com
It's a hard fact and it's a hard lesson. Some People Cannot be Helped! I was asked by an old friend if I could help her build out a website. Her and her partner were setting up a business and didnt have any extra funds so I obliged to help out. Un beknown to me they had already paid out some serious money just for a snip of a page with nothing on it at all. I said I would do my best? I had to do everything including even filling in the blanks of their company. So you can imagine I had my work s
June 18, 2018
Find your own voice. Hi, I thought I may share this with all of you within Wealthy Affiliate. I was actually watching a snippet of the new film out. A Biography of Mary Shelley. Mary Shelley been the writer of The Prometheus of Frankinstein. It came to me whilst listening to what her Father said to Mary as a Teen girl as she always loved to write. "Mary Do Not Imitate anyone just find your own voice!"When I heard this it kind of struck a cord with me. This is something I needed to implement
I have been taking a moment out. Figuring it all out. Looking from the outside in. I had to step out just to reasure myself I wasnt missing out on anything. To be honest I missed out on nothing. The only thing that done me was not been here in Wealthy Affiliate.There is nothing out there for me nothing at all. I need the training I am not willing to pay out for. I completely shut myself out of W.A. for a reason. I wanted to see if I could find something better and to be quite honest I couldnt.
May 29, 2018
Emotional is an understatement if you ask me. I have been off line I think now for about 3 weeks or more. To be honest I never thought I could get back to being a normal me. Now I am not one really for chatting about my life or the emotional side of it. These passed weeks really dragged me down. Now I hear you all thinking yeah hark at her she is on the sympathy pitch. Well actually no I am not. I am way to bitchy for that and to allow that side of me be shown is not allowed. I have my little o
What is my Guarantee if I Update to Premium. A question I am often asked in my marketing business. Oh wow if I could give a guarantee then nobody would need any business we would all be rich making mega bucks over night. Alas we are not. It's all trial and error, however getting past the trials and errors can be unbelievably difficult and very costly. So getting the right platform and mind set is a must. See I was lucky I knew what I wanted. I knew what I was looking for, but heck every, place
So you come to wealthy Affiliate and you are looking to Build a Business. I know most are looking for the quick mega buck you know those that scream I am going to make you a success Overnight in a Week. Just give me this amount and I can show you what to do. To be truthful. I could sell that and make a fortune but I would have to be quick before I am caught out. See that mega buck thing does not happen over night nor in a week. Lol if you think it does then seriously you are not in the right pl
I have finally Managed to sort out my Website. Parking Spaces London. The link is left at the bottom of my profile to my Parking Spaces website. It was some hard work I have to admit. I thought I would never get through it but I did. Now it looks Iike I will be Kicking the Big Boys and there Big Parking Websites off Top Spot Again. The post I wrote out Yesterday Has gone to Google page 1 and I have took top lead on Yahoo too. Google Page 1 Position 2 Move over PArklet And Q Park. With your b
I have Made the biggest mistake ever! My Parking Spaces Website. It was my biggest money Maker and I have pratically made a right mess of it. I never truly understood the absolute power Wealthy Affiliate gives us. Why because I never did the training properly. This isn't a lie it's the truth and I could literally cry my eyes out. You must think oh what she going on about now. Well I started this Website more or less when I first began back in 2016. I suppose I buried my head in the sand and tr