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My first day back in London UK from Spain. I came across a few challenges that taught me some lessons. I really want to share it with you all, but most of all, with those who have new accounts, here in Wealthy Affiliate. Yes maybe even some premium members too. So as most of you now know I, have just come back from Spain and it was so lovely we all had the best time ever. There is not one thing I could fault about Spain I just love it so much. However, this is about my personal self and somethi
September 28, 2018
I don't know if it's the same for you other Wealthy Affiliate members. I have to admit. Wealthy Affiliate is constantly in my Mind and in My Head. Its literally takes up most of my life. That isn't on a bad note that is a good thing. Yes Wealthy Affiliate You are In My Mind and In My Head. I am consistently thinking about training I need to go over. Trying out new niche's and starting new websites. I am even using my SiteRubix to play around with on different themes see how I like them and if I
This is quite a common question that is asked. Who referred me to Wealthy Affiliiate? Most of us when we first come to Wealthy Affiliate it can be quite confusing. There are a few ways to find out who referred you and who would be your mentor. There are loads of ways to find out who your referrer is, but I find this the easiest. Go the help centre to the bottom left on the dashboard. There you will have the persons image and name who refferred you. Lots of us dont know who that is so this will
Why am I yearly Member at Wealthy Affiliate. I decided to go yearly at Wealthy Affiliate for quite a few reasons. I didn't actually do it straight away. I did however upgrade to premium almost immediately. I knew I would be crazy not to. That $19 offer was just too much of a bargain to not one to. Yes I know I get tons of PM's of some who can't afford it and some that want to but just don't have the funds. I totally get that. I was broke. I actually turned to my Dad for the extra support. Lots
So this is my latest update from my latest blog. Just a quick catch up of when I first started out. As, most of you may already know. Going back 12 years ago when I moved to London from S[pain. My life drastically changed. Not for the better but for the worst. I became an introvert. Long gone was that outgoing happy and carefree out going lively me. In London my nights became longer and my days shorter. I struggled terribly. Suffering depression and been diagnosed with PTSD is no laughing matt
It's true I am finally living my Laptop Lifestyle. I never in a million years thought I would be able to do this. I have finally got the Villa in Spain for a month September 9th is the day I depart. Until the first week in October. With an extension if I choose to take up on it. The Villa is situated up in the mountains as I prefer peace and quiet. Situated to where I used to live Many years ago. Alhaurin De La Torre. I am so super excited. I love the real Spanish way of life and I love the Fi
The Beauty Of Wealthy Affiliate. I thought I might share this one with you all Since November 8th 2016 the day I first started out in Wealthy Affiliate literally was the best day of my life. It not only changed my lifestyle it also changed me. In more ways than anyone could imagine, I was very depressed with low self-esteem stay at home Mom who rarely in 10 Years ventured outside my front door. I was struggling and wanted to get ahead in my own online business. The life I had in Spain came to
It's up on a rare occassion I enter Live chat. It really gets me down when I get dissed down. I am a person that comes with no computer tech back ground. I actually thought I knew some of my tech background stuff. In fact I knew absolutly nothing. Do not think for one minute I haven't wasted money on the university colleges etc Open University, Future Learn.... Yes I have. Do you not think for one second I haven't been scammed trying to get ahead online. Do you think it's been easy. Has it h
Are my earnings not good enough. Seriously I think they are !!Sharing out my bank account details are not something I would do normally!However, it's about time I shared share a little about my earnings. In fact to be truthful I would love to share it out with everyone but I can't. That is a snippet of my account and I am sure location Managers wouldn't want me to share their details. Not only that, Especially at this time and moment because Netflix are working on a new series and to be quite h
Instagram's Latest Release the New stand alone App. IGTVInstaGramTV will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Instagram will now give every user the chance to roll out 60 minute videos. Instagram TV will come with full screen verticle video something that youtube doesnt have, because, according to IGTV "Thats the way we use our phones." Instagram also emphazises that "Any one can be a creator." Instagram has 1 billion monthly users and as we all know everyone loves to watch videos. As we also