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Building a Lifetime Business/es with Wealthy Affiliate.Lots of people here especially starter members, don't realize that your Online Business is and can be a lifetime business. You will always own it. Nobody can take it from you as long as it's a domain name of your own may I add. As long as you keep it renewed every year then that business belongs to you. As an example I have noticed new companies popping up well some are not so new. What some of these companies or platform do is sell you the
November 13, 2018
There are a lot of posts going around right now about scammers. To be honest I know every single thing about them. I have had three in my profile today. They get deleted. Never, before I screen shot them. I Just do my due diligence. Jeez I even have scammers scamming my dear old Dad he calls me up I make sure he is OK. So this happens I hate it but I deal with it.See to be a scammer you have to be one good cold-hearted liar but even that is never enough. Cause those lies are just too much to su
I Logged online today and I got a great big Pop up and a fabulous Email signed your Friends Kyle and Carson. I am totally ecstatic as you can imagine. I am so proud I have achieved Ambassador status once again. Recieving This has made my day. I couldn't wait to shout out to my kid's they are so proud of me :) I love my kids they are my biggest supporters :) I am not sure if I deserve this but I must do, otherwise I wouldn't have been there already. I have to admit I was doing a dance around my
New Members at Wealthy Affiliate first of all it's fabulous to meet you all. Be prepared for the best journey of your life. What you are given here will exceed you expectations. It certainly did mine. I have done so well for a non tech savvy who didn't have a clue about building a website or a blog. Let alone building my own online businesses. Writing articles I didn't have a clue how to do that either. I have excelled in all of them and surpassed my own expectations. I feel that I need to offe
November 02, 2018
I don't know why I decided to call this post Beautiful Minds but something reminded me of that film. I don't know if anyone has seen it. It's a really fabulous movie. However, this post isn't about the movie. I was just inspired by the movie title. As a few of you may know I was on a bit of downer and was becoming a little negative. I think it's down to dealing with negative people who are just about themselves. Some people don't care what they do to get what they want. I hate that! That issue
October 31, 2018
Just a quick blast in here. Happy Halloween you all. I love Halloween and I am getting ready for the weeked partys no fun doing it on a wednesday but the kids love it if you get all into the spirit of things for them. My door hasnt stopped with the kids trick a treating. Lol :) There are some super cool make up artists out there. Are there any bloggers here who are super cool at doing the scary Makeup. Who ever is doing anything on the halloween niche then I wish you all tons of luck lots of
October 29, 2018
I really feel the need to share this post. I know some may think I am feisty. Maybe I am. Maybe I am not really. That depends on how some cross my path. As most of you know I have been here in Wealthy Affiliate since November 2016. I haven't looked back since. I know people here work so hard to get in referrals and do other things to make money and they do that because of this amazing platform. If you cross my path in W.A. and I notice you intentions are not good then I will intervene. After al
Since, I, started back out in 2016 I have learned a ton of things. Every day is just one more big learning step for me. Some days are challenging and other days aren't. All I can say is if I spend 16 hours a day on my computer that time flies by really quick. Yes, Success at Wealthy Affiliate Really Does come in all shapes and sizes.Which to me means only one thing I love what I do and trust the platform where I do it. I have made some mistakes and I am now learning to correct them and I will
Well what more can I say. I have secured another Location set. Yes I did it again. In good time may I add. Seen as my bank account was starting to stretch itself a bit. Well a lot actually. My Local Website has done it again. That is an extra £1,000 in my bank account. This platform at Wealthy Affiliate has just done me so proud. Ok so I still need referrals and believe me I am working on those two sites of mine massively. I know they will happen for me thats why I am not worried. Why am
None of us are immune to failure. Even the best of the Entrepreneurs here, can tell you that. We will all encounter failure at some point. However, it doesn't mean to say we have to give up neither. Like most of us even the mega rich have some blunders so it just goes to show carry on reading below. Not everything we touch turns to gold!Here is a list of some blunders that the mega rich have made. Richard Branson s' epic fail: Virgin Cola. Virgin cola was launched in 1994. Richard Branson unde