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Totally chuffed to bits. I have always known Loes to be here. One of our Ambassadors. Loes held it for years. I felt lost not having her here. Loes left for a month and it didnt seem right not having her here. I missed her bundles. I count Loes and Marion and Mary my favourite ladys for training and help. They are all I am used to since day 1 and our Loes is back. Woohoo. I am so happy your back Loes I missed ya. :)
Happy New Year From London 2019 Have a fabulous New Year all of you from my family to your's. May this Year be your best yet!
I'm super happy this month I earned myself some great commissions with one of my Websites. In fact the total is up to now £4.7k. Not bad at all if I may say so myself. My biggest month was in August that hit just over £6k. Every month I have earned some great commissions. This is not all in affiliate commissions by the way. This is more on the side of my local business. This will be my last post now till I get back in 2019 so I think it's come at the right time to share this with yo
MY journey before Wealthy Affiliate 2016 and to the present day 2018 including struggles and success. I, have been asked to write about this. You can actually see in most of my posts here what my journey has been like. However, I still get requests. I feel it's quite fitting to share this as the end of 2018 is less than a week away.So this is my story leading up to finding Wealthy Affiliate. It will include a little of my background and the struggles I faced before Meeting Wealthy Affiliate. I
Whilst I am sitting here wrapping up presents for my children and family. Something I do every single year. I always like to reflect upon what has been my challenges and the good and bad moments of the year 2018 that is nearly coming to an end. As we all know we all have our ups and downs good and bad times. I just want to reach out and say as I think its only fitting that I reach out to you all! Wishing you all an absolutely Beautiful Christmas Eve and a Beautiful Christmas Day. May you all h
So it is coming up to Christmas. I am shopping on line. The stores I am shopping from are the major London Stores like Harrods and Fortnum and Mason and Selfridges. Not Miss Selfridge may I addI am shopping for a gift for my Beautiful Aunt. My dear departed Moms eldest sister. I always like to get her a quality gift. So it only seems fitting. As she Loves London as we are from the North of England. I shop online at the major London stores I. E Harrods. I could go to the main stores but I cannot
Here is a young Gentleman I have come across recently. He is the person that actually inspired me to write this post. Now I am not sure of what he earns and of course that is not my business. However, this is the kind of person that refuses to give up and is actually super clever. He would in all honesty be the perfect audience we would reach out too in our online marketing world. The perfect refferal should I say even. This guy has put into his sites and his social media's an absolute abundanc
Lots of people think they stop been educated when they leave school. That is far from the truth. Every single day we all learn something new. Today to be honest I often wonder about what schools teach our kids. My children's school wasn't one of the best at all. Although they portray themselves as a good school I beg to differ. In fact, I have never known a school where the teachers and head of year are pretty good at putting the kids down. If,you keep telling a child they are going to fail th
Yes I am branching out and I am so excited on my next venture. It's all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. I have been super successful with one of my Websites that I have hosted here. It has brought me an income in, from more or less the first few months I started to build it out. It is in the Local Marketing sector. It has been one fun journey. It has also been a very lucrative journey. Who, would have of thought I could achieve what I have today. With zero experience. I started that website out ba
I have just recieved my Email conformation from Kyle and Carson. MY FIRST NEW BLACK FRIDAY MEMBER has joined us all in this amazing opportunity.Black Friday Deal is Here!!The clock is ticking down fast.My new Yearly member has been a starter member since.Referral join date: July 31, 2018Days as a starter member: 115 So it just goes to show you never know who may take upon this offer. I know she is super excited and I am so excited for her too. She will now be locked in at this brilliant offer