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Can you learn Local marketing at Wealthy Affiliate?My answer to this is, YES YOU CAN. Anyone can learn Local Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. That is a fact!I started in Local Marketing back almost when I first started at Wealthy Affiliate. I remember sitting at my computer desk, daring to pluck up the courage to ask Kyle one of the co-founders at Wealthy Affiliate, if I could build a Website inside Wealthy Affiliate for a Local Parking lot in Canary wharf in London. It took me a while to ask. I
Yes I am upping the anti on Sac Training. Lots of people ask me why I didn't succeed as an Affiliate Marketer last year promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Well the simple reason was I got so busy with Local Marketing I just didn't have the time. I spent a lot of my time networking and in meetings with Location Managers and Crews. I simply wasn't going to put to one side something that earned me massive commissions. Suffice to say that Website and Business is now closed due to building taking place on
Yeeyy I have received an awesome Email from Kyle and My son has Joined Wealthy Affiliate too. I can't believe it I am finally an active Affiliate this is the email heading from Kyle. 5 Sales, “Active Affiliate” Status Assigned! I was with the sac training last year. My business life took off in a different direction I was so busy doing Local Marketing and I was and still am very successful at what I do. Now I am with the Super Affiliate challenge ''Sac'' Training again this year. I
Live YouTube Pop-up with Jay @MagistudiosTalk about training here with a personal touch. You cannot beat this. A True Expert in many fields. Jay @Magistudios our Live Training Coach. Not only does Jay do the live wabinars every Friday/Saturday he has now done a Live YouTube pop-up Twice now. Heidi with a Y also wrote about this last week as Jay did the very same last Saturday. Here is Heidi's post you can read it here by following this link.
April 02, 2019
Damn what a week I have had. I got myself all in a tiz as I had a one on one mentoring with a top Online marketer. Damn what a week. I got all worked up. Now I never do real time or virtual and now I know why 🤦. I picked the time not realising nor thinking I was away that weekend with my daughter Mothers day was on Sunday for us in the UK. I had Dinner with my daughter beforehand a glass of wine. (The wine was for courage it did not help. ) :( I have just got this message I have bee
Yes you guessed it. Monday morning blues are a thing of the past. Well suffice to say it's now Monday Night 21:19 UK GMT. I have my weekends free so I can do as I please. I don't have to do the dreaded commute on the tube in London. Or like I had to do years back when I was younger. Standing at the freezing cold bus stop in York North Yorkshire to get to work as a Dental Nurse. Sometimes getting on my bike to get to work with my hands and feet and hair frozen lol back when I was 16 in York. Not
Yep afraid so but Weathy Affiliate is a very secret Squirrel. I know what your thinking. What is she going on about now.?(I did this a draft two days ago. Just finishing it now!)Well let me tell you something right now just in case none of you get it. We come here to wealthy Affiliate and we think OK so what is it they are gonna teach me. 1 Affiliate Marketing. Yes we are taught Affiliate marketing. 2 Local Marketing.Yes big YES we are taught Local Marketing. Thank you, Jay on this one. :)3 Bui
3.875 K For the Month Of January. Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate! Hi, Wealthy Affiliate family,I just wanted to give you all an update on what is happening in my Wealthy Affiliate world. Last month has been quite a roller coaster ride. (This month has surpassed all my expectations even more so and it's just beginning.) After the local business listing I was working with came to a close as the Parking Spaces is now been turned into a big shopping center. I wasn't sure what path I would take next.
Just got my backside kicked by Google There I am getting notification from Google that some sites of mine are mobile friendly and they can be used to be indexed. As Google is now using Mobile web pages to index rather than using Desktop Pc's and laptops. (If your site isn't mobile friendly start sorting it now) They use the android I like Android. :)So I got my emails via google usual stuff however one of my sites wasn't happening. That's when I thought OK let me take a look. Oh man the errors
Crazy as it seems but so many of us here do it. We over analyze things. We console ourselves with google console. What we do is actually ruin our own selves. If I over analyzed myself and my business I think I would have failed completely because it would have over took me what I was working on almost consuming me and my businesses. I have never ever over analyzed myself and my work and my websites in Google console and analytic's. I have been lucky enough to build all my traffic organically.