My Journey Before Wealthy Affiliate 2016 and To the Present Day 2018

Last Update: December 27, 2018

MY journey before Wealthy Affiliate 2016 and to the present day 2018 including struggles and success. I, have been asked to write about this. You can actually see in most of my posts here what my journey has been like. However, I still get requests. I feel it's quite fitting to share this as the end of 2018 is less than a week away.

So this is my story leading up to finding Wealthy Affiliate. It will include a little of my background and the struggles I faced before Meeting Wealthy Affiliate. Including some platforms I joined beforehand. What I did what happened and why I succeeded in making an online living.

(This post is long sorry about that it consists of 2745 words. Hope you enjoy reading it!)

EBay was my first venture!

I did pretty well at EBay. I ended up sourcing a product of shape wear. Which I bought a bulk of them. Unbeknownst to me I could get almost the same price for them on eBay. Buying in bulk works out cheap if you source the right product.

Now this was years ago and wasn't recent and its about a few years after EBAY first started out. So it was a lot easier then. It has gotten harder by the way. Too many big sellers have slipped in there so starting out is not as easy as it used to be. You do get pushed down as a newbie. There are a ton of China wholesale shops taking over EBay in a big way.

EBay is great for getting rid of old second hand stuff but then so is FB nowadays and it's free. As, much as I loved the EBay venture in the beginning. It just wasn't giving me what I wanted to fulfill my dreams. I wanted my very own online business. My own website as well. I had zero experience and wasn't that tech savvy.

What happened?

Life has ways of changing our paths completely sometimes. “So, as” you will read below mine did change it changed drastically. Unlike My Online businesses I, have today. They will carry on even if I can't give them my 100 percent attention. Unlike EBay as I had inventory so I would have had to take my stock with me where ever I went.

That needed my full attention without posting items. I couldn't carry my stock about with me. I wasn't earning enough to ask for or get outside help. So life had many changes for me to deal with. I quite simply couldn't keep running my EBay business.

My beautiful Mom was diagnosed with cancer. At that time my Mom was living in Spain. So I had to travel backwards and forwards to Spain for the first three months of my Moms diagnosis. It was a terminal cancer so. I was the one who nursed and cared for my Mom for 18 months. I wasn't going to let her go into a hospice not a chance.

I didn't have time to do EBay and I had two young children. On top of that my son was diagnosed with a tumor in his leg after he broke is leg at school. My son thank fully is OK and it was and is till this day a benign Tumor but it is something we keep our eyes on constantly. So I was dealing with quite a lot back then.

My Beautiful Kids. My best friends. :)

So my life was everything about hospitals my kids, my Sons leg, my Mom, and her terminal cancer. So I had to travel backwards and forwards to and from Spain.

Mom came home to York North Yorkshire. So then I had to drive 500 miles a week driving From London to York and vice versa. Living in London so I was forever up and down the motorway.

York North Yorkshire is my birth place so it was only natural my Mom went back home to where we all belonged. That's where all the family was.

That was a whole 18 months. Those 18 months I cherish with all my heart because I took care of my Mom and I refused to let her go into a hospice she died at home with me and our family. She was so beautiful. It was horrific and terribly heartbreaking.

A photo of my Mom I shall forever cherish my Mom. :(

Anyways, My eBay business halted completely I didn't have time to do any of it. It need my daily attention and needed a good 4 hours a day for it to continue.

That's without the stock I would have had to carry around. I couldn't do it. I actually wasn't bothered when it collapsed as it seemed to get harder to continue anyways.

It just didn't give me the fulfillment I wanted. Affiliate marketing and my websites can run even without my daily attention.

So if any of life's paths have any changes in store for me now. I know this time my businesses will run by themselves. As long as I input a few hours a week to do updates and answer comments and emails etc.

Anyways, Getting back to what I did after caring for my Mom and how I still tried to get somewhere to becoming successful online Marketer. I needed to earn money. So below are a few platforms I have tried that didn't work for me.

Open university.

That was my next venture. Now this also was quite a few years ago. I wanted to be a Web Designer. I started on the free courses. Future Learn Allinson courses etc. Now these are great but not if you need full training. I applied to the online Open University. I passed the exam. Then in came the sales rep to my home £2.500 he wanted from me. Upfront to start.

I thought are you crazy I want to learn! Not learn how to spend money which I simply didn't have. Good job I didn't I would have been out of work today and thousands of pounds in Debt. I would have had to invest in more courses costing me of course thousands and thousands of pounds more.

I reckon I would be in over £20,000 in debt if I had had followed there advice. Don't get me wrong of course the education is suburb but who for. It wouldn't have been for me. Lots of people lining their own pockets first. Which is fair enough but duping me isn't fair neither.

The struggles.

The struggles continued. Yet I still wanted to find something that would work for me without costing me a fortune as money was really tight. Yes lots of us know that feeling. I must have trawled Google Bing. You name it anything and everything. To find a platform that would help me succeed. Still coming up against the dreaded lies and fake promises.

Make money fast scams. What a joke!!.

Next up was MR Farrel.

OK I found his training videos on future learn. Man he did my blumming head in. What a complete droning voice. I couldn't stand it. Then I noticed he was charging elsewhere for the same training he had on future learn. I looked deeper into this man. He wanted massive up up-sells. What a joke.

Now apparently he is legit but not for me his training is outdated and he runs on the name and back of open university. He was such a rubbish teacher. He bored the heck out of me and I learned nothing. In fact, he makes my skin crawl I just see him as a greedy man. I hated his training and voice. Lots of his training I did back years ago have never been updated may I add.

I simply could not sit there all day listening to him at all. I hated it. He really got on my nerves. That is my own personal opinion by the way. I still can't stand him today.

Then Came MLM.

Oh my gosh. How I, have wasted time on these. In fact a whole year and half with one company. All they did was hold me back from promoting it especially online. As for my sponsor and her mate. The most the greediest selfish and backstabbing women I, have ever met. Yep they stole my ideas.

They stole most of the people I had been trying to recruit. Not good. I hated it. The only good thing was the products my up line forget it. They don't even tell if and how to earn money properly I found a lot of loop holes. In the end I left and told them what I thought of them. Shame on them.

It took 6 years for one of those up lines to earn good money it took me 6 months to 8 months to start pulling in there kind of money at Wealthy Affiliate. With MLM you need tons of friends and tons of family and a sponsor to support you. Without that forget it. They won't help you. I knew these girls for 25 years. Some people are just greedy I am afraid.

More Training platforms. Including free Websites that I tried.

Yep back to the internet. I struggled and I struggled and I tried countless ways to earn money. Wix tried it. Hated it. Hated there support no training neither. Lots of FB groups on Wix. They don't have a clue. They can't help you. I eneded up helping Wix users.

Up up-sells yes they have them needles up sells too. They even try to up sell you something about Google my Business this is free and although they mention this they don't tell you clearly. I begin to wonder how they get away with it. Google my Business is so straight forward and easy to use.

That means other people also sell Google my business packages. Yes it's shocking it happens I meet these people daily. They are sold these packages that are totally free for all of us to use. Lots of promises out there but are in fact complete lies.

Lucky for me I didn't have the funds to go up grading and to be honest there was nothing out there for me at all. Nothing worked at all. Not a thing. After all for a complete beginner I was useless or so I thought. I needed help!

I refused to give in something just told me there would be something that would come up. I cried and cried at times. Smashing my laptop down on many a frustrating occasion. I, still kept getting these scam sites. I wanted to earn money not throw it away to line another persons pocket. Earning extra cash was what I needed. Not wasting cash. That's all people wanted was my cash. Not just a small amount but big amounts. For what for most of it out dated training.

Meeting Wealthy Affiliate Is the best thing that has ever happened to me! THAT'S A FACT!

My Daily Life and My Local Site!

As, you know the rest is history. I met Wealthy Affiliate and instantly loved it. The platform had everything I needed to get ahead online! I simply have never looked back. I have earned money and I love everything I do.

There are no scary up up-sells here at Wealthy Affiliate! There are no lies! There are no scams here! No B. S Neither.

Yes in the beginning I waited for the emails to start hitting me with a thousand's of pounds or dollars in up sells like other platforms do.

In fact all the other platforms out there have mega up sells. Wealthy Affiliate doesn't roll like the rest do. That email never came and never has.

That day has never come at all. They really are a truly Pay It Forward Platform. I often think some people must be crazy if they don't get this platform. Why? because I did enough years going from every platform out there imaginable.

Not one worked and none of them are cheap. They all lie and give false promises to make money overnight or in a week. It simply does not happen. They are all just about full of B.S and lies.

I am proof of anything can be done if you really want to do it. Even for non techy people who don't have a clue. I didn't neither. I do now though all thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can see in my previous posts and my journey with one of my websites.

My first ever Website. How It became a success and the challenges I faced. Just go back over my older posts here in Wealthy Affliliate to see my journey.

My day to day working life.

Basically I spend my days writing articles researching and learning. I work with location managers for TV and Film sets too. I, have another one for this month December and had two in September and November. That was for Netflix. Location sets pay very good money.

I spend my time negotiating with location managers too. I have been lucky that I built a website for a very failing company and I took it to the top. Generating traffic and generating money for them. It worked for me and it worked for them.

I love it. I have even driven a film crew around London in my car as it's a convertible. They needed a smoother ride. That was for the film Cannes festival. The parking lot and our names ended up in the credits. That money was amazing too I got paid for an afternoons work. I got paid very good money.

One never knows what path you will go down. I certainly didn't know. I was taught to think outside the of the box within Wealthy Affiliate. I was taught to be different and to be better than the rest of the competition I would come up against. Meaning I was able to stay ahead of the rest out there and stay on top of the big boys too. I did better than most of them too on some of my old articles.

We have everything we will ever need right here on this platform. We have some great things coming too in 2019. More on social media training. Lots and lots more.

"So why does Wealthy Affiliate work for so many of us?" It's Simple the Training at Wealthy Affiliate works!

I learn from other members. There are some great training videos and some little secrets most don't know about you can find on posts here. All over Wealthy Affiliate. There is some awesome stuff everywhere. Can't find what you you're looking for. Use that awesome search bar above. I bet your answer will come up there.

I have everything I need all in one place. When,ever, I am stuck I find the answers right here. Wealthy Affiliate help you to build you OWN ONLINE BUSINESS. The business/es you build will always belong to you. Do not forget that. It's all down to you. How far you go and if you want to succeed. You need to want to do this and it will take time and some hard work.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Heck yes! Of course, it's worth it!

What I, have achieved is out of this world. What I achieve in 2019 will excel me but in a different direction. Can I do it. Yes I can. Why because I am with this platform. I know I cannot go wrong. Failure is not an option for me and neither is giving up. :)))

Wealthy Affiliate has everything I ever needed and everything I wanted. I still cannot believe the extras we all get here. Find out for yourself if you haven't already. Wealthy Affiliate quite simply changed my personal life and of course my Financial side of life too. I have never looked back. I have earned a lot of money too. I simply took the training from here and implicated it into my businesses.

This place rocks. You all rock I am rocking it. :)


Happy New Year you Gorgeous lot !

P.S. Most of my images apart from my family photos are from Pixabay free images. I also mix them in using Canva which is also free to use. I love Canva it is so easy and its Free!.

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RScarrott Premium
Wow! Wow! Wow! You are inspiration to everyone here starting out wondering if they can be successful. :) Thank you for sharing your story. It’s pretty amazing. Wishing you continued success and a great 2019.
Debs66 Premium
Thank you so much hunni.
Sorry it was so long.
I too wish you all the best in all you do.
Thank you for passing by. Have a fabulous New Year for 2019 and may you have great celebrations too.
Debs :)
FKelso Premium
Thanks for sharing your journey, Debs. My goodness, you have been through a lot and tried a lot. Your experience is one that all newbies should read, as it shows what's out there and that WA is the best of all. Good work, and good luck on your future dreams.
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Fran,
Yes I can honestly say I have tried quite a lot of the platforms. None of them as good as here not by a long shot that's for sure.

Some legit too but with the up sells they have would kill any newbies chance of starting out thats for sure.

I feel lucky every single day that I have been able to find this awesome platform. I still have to nip myself at times. I know how lucky I am.

Thank you for your lovely comment Fran you are an amazing lady and a massive inspiration too. To all of us.

I think your fabulous. :) Have a wonderful week. :)
Thank you for passing by Fran.

Debs :)
FKelso Premium
You are certainly welcome, Debs. I think you will have a grand future with WA.
Terand Premium
Thank you so much for sharing your journey, Debs. You’ve gone through a lot. Tough on you. I’ve also been through MLM and was about to go into EBay prior to WA.
I pray to GOD and he helps me to know WA by chance.
I shall stop here and going to zzz.
Take care and all the best to your greater success, Debs! :o)
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Thank you,
I think we all have lifes ups and downs and some really heart-breaking times too.

Now if I do get any more changes coming into my life at least I know my businesses won't fail.

Ebay is good but is certainly a lot harder nowadays.

Enjoy your ZZZ's time too. Thank you for passing by have a fabulous New Year too.

Wishing you all the best in all you do.
Thank you again.

Debs :)
Terand Premium
Yes, agree with you Debs. Thank you for your advice too. You take care and wishing you a happy new 2019! Good night or good day! :o)
Debs66 Premium
It's 17:22 pm here in London so early evening. Have a good rest Terand. Night hun :)
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Debs,

Reading your life story I am all exhausted.
I am happy to read all is going well now after a huge and long struggle.

Happy days will come in 2019, you will see.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Debs66 Premium
Thank you hunni. I know it's rather long isnt it.

Thank you for passing by though and taking your time out to read it.

I really appreciate you for that.

2019 is going to be a fab busy year for sure. You too have a fabulous New Year.

Thank you again.
Debs :)
Kosovari2019 Premium
Greetings to you

congratulations on the success achieved

so far I was reading
your post is even lonely
I was diluted that I am not
in the same position as you have
two years ago I'm here
beginner I've learned one more here
but not to get something to win
I would like to thank you for the post and appreciate it
very much your post
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Bajram,

Thank you for passing by. I appreciate you also for taking your time out to read it.

Wishing you all the best Bajram.

I hope you have a wonderful start to the New year 2019.

Thank you again.

Debs :)