My dream has come true, I am finally living my laptop life style.

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It's true I am finally living my Laptop Lifestyle.

I never in a million years thought I would be able to do this. I have finally got the Villa in Spain for a month September 9th is the day I depart. Until the first week in October. With an extension if I choose to take up on it. The Villa is situated up in the mountains as I prefer peace and quiet. Situated to where I used to live Many years ago. Alhaurin De La Torre.

I am so super excited. I love the real Spanish way of life and I love the Fiesta's they have. Like the one Below. I could dive into that pot of Paella my favorite dish. :))

I am everything traditional for a Spanish holiday. I love the food and restaurants and family atmosphere. They are brilliant for families. Now I need to brush up on my Spanish it's a little rusty. I was there last year for three weeks but wasn't able to afford a villa of my own. This year I can. In fact I can afford more than that because I can stay longer if I like.

That is the view of a beautiful sunset. That looks like pure heaven for me. The below image is a sunset view from over the pool at the front of the villa. Peaceful and tranquil a great setting to work from I am sure you will all agree.

I am leaving with my two teens my husband has to stay home and take care of our dog and he couldn't get the time off. We didn't want to leave our dog in a kennel. We couldn't do that to him. My husband is OK with that bless him. (He didn't have much choice to be honest hehehe) I shan't tell him that though.

The truth is my dream wouldn't have happened without Wealthy Affiliate.

That is the serious truth. Never could I have afforded that and all my extras I have been able to afford like my own Mercedes Convertible. Now I am changing it in for a Great big Range Rover a beast of a car. I have done all of this because of Wealthy Affiliate. I will be working while I am away in Spain too.

What a way to work in beautiful Spain in a beautiful peaceful area with a clear mind. My dream of living the laptop lifestyle has finally come. With absolutely no distractions I don't see why I won't get to Vegas now its dropped to 100.

I have so many plans in my mind. A list of things I need to do and improve on. I have ideas for other websites I can build on. My mind is full of ideas and excitement. With Wealthy Affiliate the world really is your Oyster. There is only room now to push forward in my laptop Lifestyle.

I have finally made it to the one main thing I dreamed of was my Spanish Villa in the sun. Who, knows one day I will buy my own one. Why not; everything is possible for me now with Wealthy Affiliate.

I knew instantly this platform at Wealthy Affiliate was a keeper. That's why I went premium almost immediately. I am sure glad I trusted my instincts, Never in a million years did I think I would do this well. Move over Vegas 2019 I might get there yet woo hoo. That is my next plan and one I will work hard on while in Spain. Highly achievable for us all.

So Just in case you think you can't do this well let me tell you, Yes you Can! "If" I can any one can. I had a dream and a plan and it worked. I was lucky to have found this platform. So here are my BIG E hugs To Kyle and Carson and of course Jay our training Chief and to your families. Thank you. You have changed my life. Also, to Pribs you invited me here.

Another BIG E HUG to my Wealthy Affiliate Family. For all you're amazing support and inspiration and tons of help even on my down moments. You have all been fabulous to me. I couldn't have got this far without you all too.

( I shall keep you up to date with my antics in Spain.)

Of course my forever friends who we don't get to see or meet. Who work so hard and tirelessly in the background for us all. Site-Support you are all one in a million and I have never had to wait longer than 60 seconds for a reply back from you. You are all stars. Absolutely brilliant all of you.

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate Thank you to you all.



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Quite inspiring, you literally just gave me the hype buzz fuzzy feeling you get inside of you from anticipation. You seem so genuine and mission accomplished, not many people can say that.

I am truly glad for you, seeing others succeed and do well always makes me upbeat, it looks as though our dreams are quite similar and along the same lines; even better!

Oh wow, thank you so much. I am so happy you Like my post and you will get there in the end.

The only ones who fail are the ones who give up. Keep at it and you will be fine.

Wishing you all the best and great success in all you do!
~Debs :) Thank you again. :)

Wow Debs!! You’re rolling in it now! That’s incredible you’re able to reach so many dreams with your accomplishments here. I have yet to buy things with mine, my family just absorbs it so far. Lol. It’s like ummm, where’s all the money I made?! Lol

I’m going to have to start putting some aside for me! ;)

Congratulations on your new laptop lifestyle!! How do you leave your hubby for a whole month though?! Never mind your dog! Lol

Hahha Grace My husband I think is glad of the break from me lol.

Yes, the family have a tendency to get it before we do. This is also for my kids so its getting shared around.

I shall have to Pm you for secrets on referrals too. Grace. You have done so brilliantly. You are my inspiration.

Thank you for passing by I can only imagine how busy you are.

~Debs :)

Haha that’s too funny, I hope you all have a great time! :)

Sorry, not many secrets I have! :)

Wonderful news Debs! Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Thank you, Jackie, wishing you tons of luck and success lets get to Vegas Girl :)

A Exciting and inspirational post. The car you chose Range Rover is also my dream car and here at WA I am very much sure that I will get it from here only.

Hi, I love the Range Rovers I also like my Merc convertible but not great in Londons winter at all. I am sure you will get yours too. Wishing you all the best debs :)

That is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing what's possible if we work hard and are consistent and persistent. I hope you have a great time.

Thank you. Yes, there are so many ways we can make money W.A. is one brilliant platform.
Heres to you and your future successes
Debs :)

You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

Hi and thank you so much :)
~Debs :)

Enjoy your time in Spain Debs..


I sure will thank you, Derek, wishing you all the best in all your endeavours too.
~ Debs :)

This is something you've worked hard to achieve. Enjoy!

Thank you so much Marion. With all your help too. Thank you again. I love your training videos :)
~Debs :)

I am so happy for you!!!

I am still at this part time so I am not living the laptop lifestyle yet, but it's my ultimate goal! Every day I am getting closer though! :)

I wish you a great time at your Villa and of course continued success!!!!


It will come for you for sure. Wishing great success for your future in all you do. Thank you for passing by.

~Debs :)

This is so awesome!!! Thank you for sharing. I am so happy for you, and this gives me hope that I can get there, too.


I never thought I could achieve anything and I did. If I can you can too. There are so many ways we can earn money with Wealthy Affiliate. This platform really is fantastic.

Thank you for passing by too.
Wishing you all the best and tons of success.

~Debs :)

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