If I Upgrade whats my Guarantee I will Succeed

Last Update: May 18, 2018

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What is my Guarantee if I Update to Premium.

A question I am often asked in my marketing business. Oh wow if I could give a guarantee then nobody would need any business we would all be rich making mega bucks over night. Alas we are not.

It's all trial and error, however getting past the trials and errors can be unbelievably difficult and very costly. So getting the right platform and mind set is a must. See I was lucky I knew what I wanted. I knew what I was looking for, but heck every, place I turned to would cost me a fortune.

Open University I actually passed the exams I was so happy my exams were in webdesign Then I realised this guy who accessed me was on a commision. I passed would have been accepeted with a promised job at the end. No, I would have wasted thousands and thousands all for what. Lol now who is the selller.

I have my results on record and I was chuffed to bits getting accepted but imagine if I had gone ahead. I would be jobless and would have secured a debt for life.

See I wanted my own business and my own website. Yet I couldnt put a website together I couldnt do that, none of it. I had no Marketing Business Accolades I had nothing I had a couple of 'O'levels GCSE's of today's schooling.

I was nothing to scream about so who was I. A nobody. How the heck was I supposed to do all of what I wanted.

Well actually I did! I got my dream job!

I got everything I wanted.

Am I secured yes in all essence I am. Some of my websites may not give me nothing now but I know they will in the future.

The ones that actually pay are doing just fine I am on the up. I am saving myself a fortune.

I have Jaaxy SSL Site-Support Community Support and Big Boss Support.

See Site support I am driving them insane right now. Even down to a GDPR plugin on one of my sites they told me plain and simple you do not need it.

If my website crashes my business does not. So here is to the Site-Support you lot are amazing.

Guarantee-which means (Make certain of this nest egg will ensure a nice retirement)

--(Preperation will Guarantee Success)

Guaranteed-- means (secured by written aggrement)

Guarantor (One who proves a warrant or guarantee to another.)

Infact my Guarantee and the only one that fits me is this one. My one and only guarantee is makes sure you have preperation or a nest egg as us Brits like to say and build upon that egg nest after all nothing comes for free in life. Nothing at all.

Just to top it all of not one university could give me what I have now.

So there is my definition of Guarantee. There are no wrongs or no rights but actually understanding where we belong I did my Uni I did everything I can.

When I started here back in 2016 I asked Kyle why do you do what you do he said because

Thats what he and Carson set out to do pay it forward and let everybody have the chance to succeed.

~Debs :)

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I guarantee that I will never give up and never surrender to mediocrity.

I second that!

Hi, me too sorry I missed you some how. :)

We are our own guarantee, and only we know if it is worth the paper it is written on!

So true thank you Dave :)

So there you have it, if you want a guarantee you must work for it to meet your goals.

You certainly do thank you for passing by too Debs :)

Your ability is your guarantee. A positive willpower is your guarantee.
"Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time." Tom Short.

Love that :)

There are no guarantees.

so true Thank you :)

Asking for guaranteed success in a business adventure is like asking for a guaranteed win in a gamble, which is not realistic. From statistics, over 1/3 of small business vanished 3 years after the startup. But that doesn't mean we cannot succeed here. In fact, taking calculated risks is one of the key elements to becoming success in business.

I had doubts in affiliate marketing when I started here, and I still have doubts on some subjects such as SWOT analysis in my business. But I do find great value in the offering here. Being a premium member, the whole platform offers an incredible package which I can further tweak and utilize for my own business. Only time will tell if I will succeed or not.

Cheers, Debs.

BTW, is it Friday yeeeeeeet???


Hey Hugh excellent comment and you are like me is it Friday yeeeeeeetttt. Guess what you have me to keep you on your toes lol I LOVE FRIDAYYYYY

Yep, I gotta work hard so that Friday seems to be getting closer. :)

Never an guarantees in life and business Debs, but Wealthy Affiliate is the closest it comes for an all-inclusive and comprehensive online university that won't break the bank and WILL GUIDE YOU IN ACHIEVING RESULTS if you are willing to work smart, diligently, and follow all the training.

Wow, is that photo you Debs? You are ripped!!

So true tried and tested and couldn't break no bank and the JAAXY all free and yes my site support they are the ultimate and so brilliant with me

Glad you've had good success with Site Support Debs, you're sites are going up and true, you (we) are saving a fortune here!

So true they are awesome :)

We can only guarantee what we get up and do every day right?
Great post!

Actually, as some people prove everyday we aren't guaranteed our next breath......

Well said Dianne :))

So true Bryan hard graft that one but so true ...

I agree, nobody is guarantor here even Kyle would not say that to anyone.
They will always say, it depends on you, the individual who engages in a business.

Thank you so much my thoughts exactly

I've always been fond of saying, "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster." Appliances come with guarantees, jobs used to be for life, but not anymore. I know someone who worked 19 1/2 years for a company that had a twenty year pension, 6 months shy of pension out the door he went. Businesses and investments have never had a guarantee, except for those with a paltry return such as US T bills/bonds, and lately they aren't looking too good.

Bryan you just nailed this and I had to back track myself to realise what you wrote and oh wow. I wished I could just say it as its is lol You want guarantee buy a toaster Thank you Bryan.
Smetimes things dont need a big explanation you just nailed it in a few words.

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