Find Your Own Voice.

Last Update: June 18, 2018

Find your own voice.


I thought I may share this with all of you within Wealthy Affiliate.

I was actually watching a snippet of the new film out. A Biography of Mary Shelley. Mary Shelley been the writer of The Prometheus of Frankinstein.

It came to me whilst listening to what her Father said to Mary as a Teen girl as she always loved to write.

"Mary Do Not Imitate anyone just find your own voice!"

When I heard this it kind of struck a cord with me. This is something I needed to implement myself. I need to find my own voice.

We have guide lines to build any business but isnt it better that we use our own voice in our blogs our own words. I want my own uniquness to stand out. I want to write how I think I should write. I am trained by the best, but I cannot copy the best.

I can learn by the way the platform at W.A. Teaches me to build a business or in my case businesses. After all this is the only way to move forward. Implementing all the training we are given. Copying or being a mirror image doesnt help me at all. Let your own reflection be of you and only you.

Learning and implementing every step of the training here in Wealthy Affiliate is Essential.

However, being a mirror image of someone else does not work. You soon loose your steps and get bored. Writing from your own heart and soul carrys something much more. If I mirror image someone else or copy somebody else I soon loose myself.

Matter of fact is I cannot be better than my Teachers and I cannot mirror them but I can learn from them in a big way.

I can take the training from Wealthy Affiliate and surpass all my expectations. To copy them, word for word. I not only loose myself I loose my writes to being my own stand alone business. I become a plagarist. The worst of all is I loose my own self worth.

Finding my own Voice took time. In the beginning I didnt have a voice. Yet from all I have learned in Wealthy Affiliate surpassess me. Blogging I couldnt write a sentence. Every single day I learn something. Finding my own unique self is one of the best lessons I have learned and it all stems from W.A.

Thank you to the snippet from Mary Shelley and what her Dad said to her as a young girl. I am finding my OWN VOICE. Thank you to Wealthy Affiliate and all of you who help each other here in Wealthy Affiliate. My whole blogging experience and building my businesses took a whole 360 degree turn.


Stay with the training it is totally essential to be able to move forward. Take on board all the steps and soak up as much as you can. Having to step back and keep doing the training till you get it or it sinks in. Especially if you are a complete newby at doing this like I was is essential.

I didn't really start interacting until about the 6 to 8 month mark. So if your struggling don't give in. Nobody could have struggled like I did in the beginning it was hard work implementing all that training but I got there not fully as I have an abundance to learn. Never loose the true sence of having YOUR OWN VOICE.

Just remember this!! We all have the chance here to Build Our Own online Business Or Businesses. Just remember to be YOU and write like YOU and NOBODY else. That way you can never truly loose yourself. Find your own voice. I can bet you when you write your articles or posts here or in Wordpress they will just flow because you are using Your Own Voice.

Wishing each and everyone of you the success you seek to conquer and the success of conquering your own self worth. Here is to us all at Wealthy Affiliate.

Best Wishes !!

~Deborah. :)

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hugh9905 Premium
Great post, Debs.

To be honest, I'm kind of chasing a shiny object these days - World Cup 2018, and been slacking on the training and the business. :)

Debs66 Premium
Hi Hugh,
Yes I get that and the uk won last night today for you am I right. . Hope you are ok and great to see you again. Kind of missed you Lol.
Your friend Debs :)))
JerryMcCoy Premium
Great Post. Sometimes it takes someone else to wake us up to the fact that we too have a voice and deserve to be heard.
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Jerry,
So true and realising that we can have one is even more amazing. Learning to get one and push ourselves even more further forward is even better. I cant thank all the community here an W.A. for getting me further than I could ever imagine.
Thank you Jerry.
~Debs :)
heljam404A Premium
Thanks for the great post-Deborah.
Debs66 Premium
Awe thank you for passing by too. :)
Renede Premium
Thanks for the inspiration
Debs66 Premium
I hope it helps thank you too for passing by.
~Debs :)
dpanic63 Premium
Hello Deborah
Great Post, Love the associated quote by Mary Shelley about Being an original.
Well done and upwards.
Debs66 Premium
She was Such an amazing young author. Wrote a classic of all time.
Perfect for what I needed to give me some inspiration.

Like wise onwards and upwards thank you for passing by.

~Debs :)