Damn what a week!

Last Update: April 02, 2019

Damn what a week I have had. I got myself all in a tiz as I had a one on one mentoring with a top Online marketer. Damn what a week. I got all worked up. Now I never do real time or virtual and now I know why 🤦. I picked the time not realising nor thinking I was away that weekend with my daughter Mothers day was on Sunday for us in the UK. I had Dinner with my daughter beforehand a glass of wine. (The wine was for courage it did not help. ) :(

I have just got this message I have been accepted again . This week has been a roller coaster lol 😊

(Congrats, You Are Accepted in the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge) Thank you so much Kyle. 🙌

I can't freakin wait to take my Affiliate marketing business to the newer heights. Woohoo.

Back to my week lol.

Honestly the way I carried on! You would think I had a one on one with Brad Pitt lol.( I love Brad Pitt. ) That's how worked up I got. Suffice to say I got the recording back of the virtual One on One and OMG. Yep I looked a div. No I am not sharing the one on one recording with nobody!

However, this guy was amazing and my daughter even said ''Wow Mom that guy is amazing and sooo professional.'' Albeit unlike me. (She was at the hotel at the time and lol she helped me log in. I am not used to the iPhone's normally use androids and I didn't have my PC..

Some photos I took of the TowerBridge. The hotel View was out of this world. Just in case you want to see how it looks Close up lol.

Anyways, getting back to the Virtual one on one meeting.

I could have damn kicked myself. I wanted to throw in the towel I looked such a div. 🤦🤷. I did not want to go over the replay yet! I had to because this amazing guy gave me some super cool info. (I wished I could mention his name but I may get in trouble so I won't.)

You are wondering why I am writing this but there is always a moral to every story.

I have learned that yes, I looked rubbish yes, I messed up but now I can only work on that. I will pick a better time if I want to do a one on one ever again. To cap it off, I have done tons of stuff on my Website thanks to this guy and I now realize. I can actually get my backside over to YouTube and start doing more live YouTube videos etc.

See even though I looked like a div. I have learned a ton of stuff and now I can learn from all of it. If I could give that guy a hug I would but I can't so a virtual E-Hug is sent.

Onward and upwards so they say. One more learning curve that I will master lol. Even if I do look like a real div lol 🤦🤷😒


WOO HOO🙌💪😍❤❤❤ See even this post is rambling lol./ Oh who cares. I am on one lol. Bigger better and another milestone completed..... A BIG ONE

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VanceTucker Premium
Congrats to you too.
Debs66 Premium
Same to you too woo hoo :)
accad Premium
Debs66 Premium
Aww Jimmy you are a diamond same to you too. 🙌😁💪
accad Premium
You are a platinum, lol.
scottlnk Premium
Wow! RoopeKiuttu, how could you do this? I thought we were a team? I just got here but I believe this is the right place for me. If you are serious about your future, I think you might want to re-think your decision to leave. I was looking forward to checking out your site. I had also planned to take you to lunch - So Please don't Go.
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Peggy,

I think you may have got a little confused sweetie. The post you mean by Roope Is this one and is for April fools. :)) he is just messing around :) Debs :)
HeidiY Premium
Congrats fellow Super Affiliate I guess we will be seeing a lot more of each other :) I'm sooo looking forward to it.

And I just wanted to say I bet you weren't that much of a div lol.
Debs66 Premium
Lol I was... Soo embarrassed lol.

Congratulations you too girl, for the Super Affiliate Challenge. Here we go to bigger heights. I did this last year but my Local side took over. Now this year is all about me and my sites lol. Hope we do meet up much more. Take care sweetie have a fab week even have fab super affiliate months ahead.

Debs 🙌💪😊..
Doris3 Premium
Congratulations and thank you for this awesome post!
Debs66 Premium
Thank you and thank you for passing by. :))