Can you learn Local Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: June 13, 2019

Can you learn Local marketing at Wealthy Affiliate?

My answer to this is, YES YOU CAN. Anyone can learn Local Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. That is a fact!

I started in Local Marketing back almost when I first started at Wealthy Affiliate. I remember sitting at my computer desk, daring to pluck up the courage to ask Kyle one of the co-founders at Wealthy Affiliate, if I could build a Website inside Wealthy Affiliate for a Local Parking lot in Canary wharf in London.

It took me a while to ask. I thought Kyle might say something to me like we are Affiliate marketers not Local Marketers. Kyle never said that to me.

Kyle's reply was ''Yes of Course you can, you can build any Website you like :)''

Not lots of members here know this but some of us here also do Local Marketing. The Local Business sector is a fine business to get into. Jay our live training chief is also a local Marketer a brilliant one too, he also has live training on the Local Business Sector.

So how do you get into Local Marketing?

The answer to that is simple. You carry on with the training you have here. You follow each training modules step by step. There is no difference to building a niche website to building one for a local business. The process is basically the same.

You are still going to need the training from here. You are still going to need to put in your first pages. Believe it or not nowadays most Local businesses are Blogs. So it is the exact same process as if you are building out a Niche website. The only difference you may incur is having a static front page instead of a blog roll as the main page.

Jay, does live training in Local Businesses he will basically fill in the dots. I am not sure but I do believe they may do more Local Marketing training here in Wealthy Affiliate in the future. I am not sure, so don't quote me on that. Hopefully Kyle or Carson will see this post and they may comment on that.

The SEO process is the same just about.

You will still carry on using the Keyword research like we use Jaaxy and you will still set up your Websites on Google Console and Bing Webmasters. So it is the same process as we normally do in the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

However, there are some differences that you will need and these are all free tools to use. They are brilliant for any Local Business. These are Google my Business and Bing My Business. These tools are totally free to use and they are super easy to set up. You can also do free Ads with Google my business.

Google My Business and Bing My Business put your local Business on the map. That way your local business can then be found in google and Bing Maps. They can be found on Sat Navs, Mobile phones etc. They are brilliant and bring you in a ton of traffic.

I got lost once on Canary Wharf and I didn't have my mobile and I was heading towards Parking spaces London. So I asked somebody if they could give me the directions. They popped in Parking Spaces London and up it came on the Google Maps just like that. I found my way to my destination.

We all use google and Bing Maps when we want to find a location. That's what Google/Bing My Business is it gives information on the Local Business opening times and the location of the Business and Telephone Numbers. It also gives you Business reviews too.

I know many of you will know this already but some of you might not realize the potential of using those free tools. Not only that they also give you all the information the same as using Google Analytic. You can see how and where your traffic is coming from on a Local Website. I get monthly screenshots of all my Local Business too sent to my emails.

What else do you need to do?

Everything we do here is the same principles. We use Social media the same and yes email marketing too. After all that's how you can get customers to return if they sign up for a sales campaign or discount it is totally the same process. So every bit of training you get here is totally essential.

Here are some other things you can do to drum up Business for Local Marketing. I have added ones that are more specific for local marketing and some you will already know. Most of these you already know about. Just in case you are newbies here at Wealthy Affiliate then they will help.

  • Flyers
  • Pick up the phone/cell
  • Knock on door to door
  • Carry business cards.
  • Get on your local radio station.
  • Linkedin
  • Local Directories
  • Local Online Directories
  • Feature in an industry magazine.
  • Write an informative guide of the area.
  • Write an e book.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Send Direct Email.
  • Social Media.
  • Social Media Ads.
  • PPC
  • Become a niche Specialist.
  • Offer Free trials.
  • Network Offline.
  • Sponsor a Local Team
  • Ask for referrals in Local Business.

Those are just a few of the things that you can do to drum up business as a local marketer. Those are some things you can do when you get a potential Client.

How did I get into Local Marketing?

Funnily enough I ended up doing a local business website by chatting with friends. This local Car park was empty and wasn't getting lots of business. Whilst in general chit chat. People were asking what I did. So I explained the process of Wealthy Affiliate how I was being taught to build my own online business. They asked me if I could build a website.

I said yes I would try as I was a newbie at Wealthy Affiliate. I also said I would do it for free but if the Website drummed up business, then they could give me a 10% commission on all the business that came via the website. With the training I had here at Wealthy Affiliate the website worked and I did that on a SiteRubix site first then I bought the domain.

I Knew once Kyle gave me the go ahead all I had to do was set up the domain and get to work on the Website and implement all the training I had at Wealthy Affiliate. Doing my first pages setting up Google Console and Bing console. Verifying the site, as soon as that was done My local site was indexed immediately.

I just got to work on it. I always remember Kyle saying about thinking outside the box. That is what I did. I started networking with Location Managers the likes of Netflix, BBC, ITV, I Knew they are always filming in London and I also Knew to get parking in London wasn't easy so I started to contact Location Mangers crew Managers. The parking lot was big enough to hold a load of Trucks and Makeup Trailers and of course not to mention the food suppliers.

They pay good money. So if I got a Location Crew lets say for 22 days that's over £1,000+ a day to park up. Imagine my 20% commission on that. See nobody knows what we are capable of. My originol 10% was upped to 20% by the company as they were happy how much Buisness I gave them.

I do know this though anybody that joins Wealthy Affiliate and really take the training and all the resources we all have here seriously, then anyone can build an online business. The only reason people don't make it is because they don't want to make it. Or they simply prefer to chase after the Quick Money Making Schemes. Then they will always fail. There is no way around it. Wealthy Affiliate works.

The reason so many of us stay here for years is because we know that Wealthy Affiliate is constantly updating. Look at Google Now and the new Roll out the PAA I think it's called. We know about it because @BenjysDad has just written about it. How about the GDPR that was rolled out. We all got tons of training on that. @MarionBlack check out Marions training HERE ON GDPR! Marion is brilliant at what she does Marion helped us as did @Loes as Did @MozMary.

See truthfully, with all the resources, and extra training from the members here we have at our fingertips, and of course we use WordPress which is excellent, with over 7.000+ themes you, can build any kind of site you want.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate, not including Site-support as they are excellent and the training is Excellent. Are all the updates we get. See we are kept well ahead of the competition. See the likes of GDPR updates I bet many websites went running for lawyers they would have charged over $1.000. We got that from Kyle and Carson and Marion and Loes and Moz Mary and others here who shared their info and training here for free. Included in our memberships. No running for Lawyers for us at Wealthy Affiliate.

Did you know in my Country which is London UK for SEO on a website. They charge from £50 upwards to £8,000. That's a heck of a lot of money. So see the outcome of it all. Every single bit of SEO these companies do, is exactly what we get here!

Those companies implement the exact same SEO for their Local Businesses as we are taught here!

How do I know because I have been networking. Chatting with Local Business Owners who are digital Marketing Agencies and Local Business Marketers that run their own companies.

''If'' you are struggling in your niche don't forget there is always Local Marketing to try out too.

Please do not forget to seek out Jay aka @magistudio and his live training on Local SEO. He is the best. :)

Jay Our Live training Chief

Sorry this was a long post. :)

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Or if you have stepped into the Local Marketing Sector already.

Have a lovely rest of the week.

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Wdcope Premium
Debs your post was spot on. I actually started local marketing for our family business years ago. My father felt his sons should have a go at advertising, which then was ads in our local newspaper and radio spots. My brother and I got creative and tried to stay on a budget, and it increased our business.
Years later in the 80's I did marketing campaigns for commercial businesses, and one of them I also sold for.
Along the networking or MLM leads were gotten by magazine classifieds and postcards followed up with many more mail marketing. Now I do websites, yelp and other local forms of marketing.
Crazy how I wish this was around back then.
Thanks for allowing me to remember and comment.
Take care,
Debs66 Premium
Your Father sounds amazing. Imagine what he would do with the technology of today.

It sounds like you and your bro was given good advice.
I am so happy you could think about the old times too. Reminiscing is good for the soul.

The '80s were fabulous and the '90s were too.
Imagine what we would have done with technology back then.
Makes me wish I was younger lol.

Awesome comment Bill.
Debs :))
Wdcope Premium
Thanks Debs. I wish I was younger also with all these marketing tools! :)
ophyax Premium
Thanks, Debs, didn't know about Google/Bing My Business. That could be helpful to me, will look into it.
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Philippe,
Yes, do they are amazing free tools we should all know about. That's what puts you on the maps and more.
They are brilliant. Just type in Google my Business and Bing my Business in your browser.
Debs :)
ophyax Premium
Awesome! Many thanks! Cheers, Phil
AndyCalvin Premium
Great post Deb! I actually looked into a lot of the live training and was going to use it for one of my relative's businesses. But I got a little sidetracked... Maybe I should dig out those notes, and actually do it for them!
Debs66 Premium
Andy, You should. The training is awesome from Jay.

Thank you for passing by too.
Have a lovely rest of the week.

It's always great to catch up with you Andy.:))

(Lol and every time I see you I keep thinking of Tom Lol from the day we were chatting in live chat you, I and Jane about finding our names. )
Debs :)
DaisyK78 Premium
Wow Debs....great post. There is so much to learn which makes me so excited. Definately been thinking about this but wasnt sure about it. Just awesome you shared this. Thank you
X daisy
Debs66 Premium
Aww, Thank you, Daisy.
It is rather a long post. Local business is a good sector to be in. Just implement all the training we have here.
Great to catch up with you again for sure.
Debs :)
Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks Debs for sharing this awesome post. It brings additional meaning to unlimited opportunity through WA and was well worth the read in my case. You give me much more to think about in expanding my business...
Thanks again.
Debs66 Premium
I am so happy I helped.
Thank you so much for passing by. I am sorry the post was so long.
I could have carried on writing for sure,
Have a lovely rest of the week.
Debs :)