Are you growing your brand or killing it?

Last Update: August 29, 2019

Many of us here grow a brand. Which are you?

I personally never saw myself as a brand. All I wanted to do was earn a side income. That is what I did. I do know if I wanted too. I could grow my brand. I do not want to be the next massive digital Entrepreneur. If I did want to be one, then I would want to be Kyle and Carson. To be honest, I am too old to even try that. Maybe if I was in my 20s then I would go hell for leather on marketing myself based on them and their work ethics. They are just brilliant. .

However, to create a brand you need to be liked and you need to not over step your mark. When, I say that, it means you need to adjust yourself to the right manner. After all we all see the latest fad of YouTube ads that scream look at me look at MY BIG CARS MY BIG HOUSE and you can clearly see they are using those tactics to the extreme. I bet they end up more skint and in massive debt before they even get there. I already know when and where their training comes from.

Building a brand is not about you and what you believe people want. It is gained by trust. It is gained by your likability. You as a person. A transparent one. After all when do you see Kyle and Carson boasting about themselves it is a very rare occasion and it is only more recent they show their family life on IG. It is almost like Jay our live trainer here at W.A. as an example we can all get extra coaching if we like. He doesn't charge thousands for it. I know who I trust.

You can be who you want to be. I personally would want to be like Kyle and Carson and Jay. No flashy stuff. No I am better than you kind of stuff. No big bold ads that most people know it is based on lies. Certainly not that manner that talks down to you. I would run a mile from all of that. Have you often wondered how a brand was grown like Wealthy Affiliate. Mainly by word of mouth and a very excellent Affiliate program and of course getting the updates one needs to be able to stay ahead of the rest. Of course Trust and know that they are not going to hit you with extra up-sells.

Most good brands that have been grown are from Wealthy Affiliates who have been taught in the proper manner. If, you scream out I am way better than you. Then forget it. Your brand will not last 5 minutes. Why because you will sound out like those greasy Gurus who last all of 5 minutes. If, you think you are making it. Then I would not alienate your fellow members like you are something that you are not.

Just remember this some of those who grow a brand did it without wasting fortunes on useless programs that lasted 5 minutes. They took W.A. and used it and followed the code of Wealthy Affiliate. Then if and when they joined extra platforms to enhance their stuff maybe a little more. Which, I doubt it. To be be honest who could enhance what we have here. They do it as they have high-ticket sales and a massive following already.

Like I said I do not want to brand myself I am happy earning my extra income but I will by-pass you if you jump around and think you are something you are not. I see it daily all I have to do is go to YouTube and see those blummin ads they do my head in lol. All I have to do is look here in Wealthy Affiliate and know who I need to follow and trust. Easy.

Those know it all kinds of people I tend to avoid as they cannot enhance my business especially when I can see they are no more further advanced than I am.

I would love to know what you think on my post. I am always open to discussions. I will answer all of your replies.

After all. I write so I can learn from you all not tell you.

Have an awesome rest of the week.


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ManojV1 Premium
You're spot on with this post. A brand lives forever and a website is a perfect way to build one.

I like what Jeff Bozos of Amazon said about a brand:-

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well."
Debs66 Premium
So true thank you for passing by :)
JKulk1 Premium
Very well said Deb's. If we stay true to ourselves and our audience then our brand will build naturally. Jim
Debs66 Premium
Thank you Jim. It should and staying true is what counts. :)
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Debs, good to see you, it is such a classic industry.

At the moment those high ticket programs are being pumped by the countless webinars flooding every inbox in the world.

This is total classic, this marketer has this photo of this up market house in a good suburb, paid for with cash no less.

I know the street, there is an old geezer living there, lovely well lived man local legend who is only leaving his pride and joy in a box.

Not sure where this marketer guy fits in. He's retired on the back of his marketing endeavors.

Nek minute.

He broke got no money.

But you guessed it he hit pay dirt got this program, saved the day you can share in it too.

Only $ 2,999 US.

It takes so long to build a reputation, and about 2 seconds to burn it.

I believe if we try and stay true to ourselves, that we can create a very good space in the online world.

I see so many go " Whah " I always think okay so how.

That is the missing bit in 99% of the stories.

So you can only churn and burn for so long.

The thing that I find so attractive about the WA flow is that Kyle and Carson lead by example.

Their actions do all the talking for them.

If anything that is a great way to follow.

So brand or not be your self and others will follow.

Thoughtful post Debs.

Debs66 Premium
Awesome comment Alex. So true. So sad also. I would love to be a brand if I was younger but I am more than happy with my lot.
Yes if I did brand then for sure it would be like Kyle and Carson.
There is no room for big talk here. Only those who are worthy of it.
I just hope that those who want it follow suit and grow in an ethical way. The way we are all taught.
Thank you Alex. :)
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Steady there Debs plenty of gas in the tank yet.

Although having said that at some point there is that creeping realization that we may not have enough time to do all that we want to do.

I arrived there a little while ago, so started to jettison some projects, by giving them away. Cherry-picked the ones that will continue to spike my interest but I am working on a succession plan already.

I think that we can create a successful space, it does take full noise to carve out a place at the captain's table on the good ship affiliate marketing.

So by changing tack we can make it work.

That is the beauty of WA where we start can be a million miles from where we end up.

At the end of the day are we looking to create new outcomes or are we just working to replace the job we have with another job?

Best wishes Debs, take care.

Debs66 Premium
Yes I often wonder about replacing the job with another one. I have to say I have more freedom to do as I like than I have had in years.

I do however wished I had found W.A. in my 20's now that would be an awesome thought.
I would be cracking the whip for sure. Ha ha!

I am lucky I have it today and it keeps my old brain active lol. :)

Would love to hear more of your plan Alex:)

Have a wonderful weekend :)
Swangirl Premium
I agree 110% Debs! I avoid those sites online and I avoid those people in real life too.

That is why we are taught here at WA to offer real value to our customers. We will be much more successful offering solutions to their problems than trying to sell them something.

I love WA and I love you!

Debs66 Premium
Hi Jessica,
Thank you my thoughts are the same and I love you too. I missed you also. I haven't been active as much lately.
I am so happy you passed by Jessica :))
Swangirl Premium
Thanks Debs. I was home sick for several days and the first day I couldn't even think enough to post anything here or work on my sites. I am a bit better now.
Debs66 Premium
Thank goodness Jessica you are ok. Aarghh I just noticed you are not Ambassador. I have always known you as an Ambassador Jessica. I wished I had known you wasn't well. At least I could have offered some support.
I am so thankful you are ok. I have known you so long Jessica now. I would be lost here without you.. You need to be ambassador again Jessica. Its not the same seeing you as Top 50. :)
Swangirl Premium
Well I am only at 26...a few posts and I am sure it will go back up on it's own!

Yeah, I let it go. I don't want to be thought of as one of those people who stays an Ambassador just to stay there! There were some posts lately about Ambassadors who didn't do this and hadn't done that (which included me) and complaints about people posting non-WA related posts etc. and it kind of made me leery.

I have fallen out of the ranks a few times before.
Debs66 Premium
Listen Jessica here is always going to be backlash you should not be implemented in none of it.

Lke I said I have only know you as ambassador. You are my Google snippets girl. You have so much knowledge to share. The other three ladies I miss are Marion and Loes. Yes and Moz Mary. All awesome women that share so much. All different. Super important in my working life. Including you.

Do not let others put you off I wouldn't.

Like we say hater's gonna hate but most haven't been here as long as we have. I have learned so much from you. You are one of my top go to people to learn from.

I doubt I can say much for the others or some of them. I haven't been active in so long. I stepped back also as I got fed up too. I was busy also.

We do not need the backlash from others Jessica. We just move forwards.

Carson2 Premium
If I understand correctly, you've been doing very well. I like your thoughts on this blog, as well as your appreciation of where you are and where you want to be. Transparency is a wonderful thing. Thank you!
Debs66 Premium
Thank you Carson. I am looking for more thoughts and what people want and respect too. I totally appreciate where I am at now and where I have been because of Wealthy Affiliate.
Transparency is, you are right a wonderful thing. :)
Thank you for passing by. :)