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Are Limiting-Beliefs Holding You Back?As a voice coach, one of the most common issues that singers have with their voices is actually their own limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is any belief or opinion that may or may not be relevant to you and your life that ultimately colours the choices you make and consistently leads to the same result - failure.This relates to any pursuit in life, sports, business, our social lives - in my field, an example of a limiting belief is someone who might say
Don't give up - set better goalsWhatever your pursuit in life, it's important to set better goals and form realistic expectations and timeframes. As a vocal coach, I'm regularly tasked with helping people reach their goals, and the way I do so is by breaking down these often overreaching goals into small steps-based short term goals that form the stairway to a bigger and longer term goal.A great example of this is when someone comes into my vocal studio with the goal of learning how to sing lik