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Affiliate Analogy Continues….U is for UniverseThere really are no words to describe the Universe. Well, that is not true. Many words describe it. Awesome…Magnificent….Mysterious….Breathtaking…Mind BlowingIt’s everything. All of space and time and all of its contents make up the Universe. This includes planets, moons, starts, galaxies, all matter, and energy. Where the words fail me is trying to understand the vastness of the Universe. The Hubble Sp
Affiliate Analogy Continues….T is for TreesSo much is learned from something as simple as a tree. For me, enjoying their beauty is so calming and reassuring. Growing up on the east coast, I was surrounded by the strength and beauty of oak and elm trees. Now that I live in the gorgeous desert of the southwest, the variety is endless. These are growing right in my own neighborhood!Being that trees are living things, I think of them in human terms. I can look at them and see all the qu
Affiliate Analogy Continues…. S is for Super Bowl Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, so I had to take advantage of this event for my analogy. I think it is a pretty good one. I am not a huge sports enthusiast, although I was a cheerleader in my high school days. I do enjoy watching the big games like the Super Bowl. Although, now it is just for the entertainment value, as I don’t have allegiance to any one team. Super Bowl…………The best of the best.
Affiliate Analogy Continues…. R is for Road Trip Road trips are my favorite types of vacations. The main reason is that there is no schedule to follow. We don’t have to be anywhere at any specific time. The pace is our own. The day can be adventurous or it can be relaxing, whatever fits our mood. Our final destination and personal time available will determine the pace we keep and the adventures we choose.Of course, the destination can change depending on what we encounte
Q is for Quilt I have never quilted. In fact, I don’t even own a quilt. However, I do know that quilting is a popular hobby and lucrative business, as indicated by the numerous websites on quilting. My personal experience with quilts is a sentimental notion of patchwork quilts…..received from watching T.V. movies and shows. There is always a scene where Mom presents the quilt to her child. There is usually some drama behind the relationship.....often the mom is dying and want
January 28, 2018
I'm interrupting my Affiliate Analogy Series, to bring you some breaking news! I received an email from Kyle that the latest post for my website, which I wrote in SiteContent, was indexed by Google. At first, I thought this was no big deal. My site has been indexed for months and other posts I've written were indexed. However, in the email, Kyle said to check my rankings in Jaaxy, which I did. Now that is where the big surprise came. My site is ranked on Page 1, Position 2 in BING! Upon s
Affiliate Analogy Continues…. P is for Page The blank page, whether it is paper or electronic, offers so many creative possibilities! How will it be filled? Perhaps with a motivational post? An informative eBook? Maybe a technical explanation for the latest software upgrade? A product review to help someone make a decision? A creative story to teach a lesson? An opinion piece to garner support for a worthy cause?The list is endless. I find the writing
Affiliate Analogy Continues…. O is for Omelets I absolutely love omelets. I have one a couple times a week, for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. I like to make my meals look colorful and appetizing. This is so easy to do when making omelets. The yellow color of the eggs themselves, plus the variety of added ingredients all makes for a full palette of colors and flavors. Omelets are so versatile. Depending on the ingredients you add, they can fit into any cuisine or dietary conce
Affiliate Analogy Continues…. M and N is for Mother Nature I couldn’t resist combining these two letters. It was such a natural fit. Veronica, who is also doing an analogy series, (@VeronicasLuv) did it first with her beautifully written analogy on Family Gatherings. I saw that as a challenge to do the same at some point. Wikiquote gives an official definition of Mother Nature. It is a common personification of nature that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects
Affiliate Analogy Continues….L is for LlamaI thought I’d have a little fun with today’s post and talk about Llamas. I know many of the members in the WA community are animal lovers, myself included. But, I bet you never associated Llamas with your experience here…..until now!Researching Llamas was very enlightening, although if I didn’t need an “L” word I probably never would have initiated such a search! That being said, did you know…..Llam