Awesome WA Progress So Far.

Last Update: March 13, 2016

Have you ever heard: "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I'm so glad I found the WA platform to deliver my content. When I worked on this projected in the beginning I was overwhelmed with the technology piece, that was 7 years ago.

I invested substantial sums in virtual assistants, web designers, hosting companies, etc. In part, I think the timing wasn't right, but the platforms we were using did not come close to delivering the vision of what was possible. I find it is always difficult to make good business decisions when you don't have a good understanding of the mechanics of a process. I can get really expensive, very fast. To the back burner it all went...

I'm a great communicator so content creation is fun and easy for me. I love taking complex concepts and making them simple for others to understand. I don't mind technology (when it works properly), but I'm not fluent in computer code. Wordpress has been great to use, although there have still been some challenges (what the heck is a child theme anyway?!?). WP and Theme Support has been every bit as helpful as the WA Community here. I still need to tweak the graphic on my page but instead of obsessing about it I decided it was "good enough" and will circle back to fix it later.

As a former business attorney what I love most about WA is the SYSTEM - I can't express how critical that piece is your success! The step by step lessons are so well thought out and easy to follow. A close second favorite feature is how supportive the WA community is. Again it is just so important to have resources for help when you need it, and the encouragement to continue working toward your goal.

My tendency is to race through all of the lessons as fast as I can, but I'm wise enough to know there is huge value in allowing projects to simmer and evolve as they unfold. I have big plans and no shortage of ideas for this amazing WA platform.

Enjoying the Ride,


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dandy72 Premium
Wow, this post was exactlly what I needed tonight. Not been one of my better days, Frustration was getting to me. Asking questions then rereading of watching vids 2nd time was part of the answer. Seemed to be drowning in info. It has calmed down now and this post helped me see some errors in my ways. Thank you, Jim