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September 12, 2016
Well the 10 day break after course 1 in the Bootcamp is almost over. Its time to dig in again. During the break I was not idle at all. I worked on my social networks, tried to help out around the community here and spiffed up my posts a little. Now its time to learn a little more. I still am afraid of the copywriting but I am just going to go with the flow. I agree its better to do something and learn from your mistakes (God knows I can make em!).My efforts got me 2 referrals to WA and my rank
September 01, 2016
Wow I was so surprised to see my ranking at 810. I must be doing something right! I am so excited to be part of this community. I try to help out when I can and I do ask questions all over the place. No one seems to mind!My first website is coming along. My writing skills are not the best but I am taking Kyles advice and TAKING ACTION and going for it. I am in the Bootcamp on Phase one lesson 10. Its very encouraging to hear them say to take some time for a breather. There is an awful lot of in
August 31, 2016
As I sit here at the computer working on my blogs and pages trying to refine things,(thats a nice way of saying correct the mistakes), my geographical area is under a hurricane watch. This is the first one in four years. We have been lucky. This doesn't seem to be a particularly strong one but you never know. I have my batteries and flashlights and candles. I do need to go out in the morning for dog food. An essential for sure. I am working on my second post for my web page, phase 1 lesson 9 Bo
August 29, 2016
Finally finished my theme pages. I wrote and rewrote and trashed them and rewrote. First they were too long and I rambled and even I was confused when I read them. So I edited and they looked too short so I added. HEHEHEH. Then I experienced the Wordpress auto save conundrum. One of the pages content was gone? Thank GOD I was typing it into notes and copying and pasting it so it wasn't so bad. I would suggest to everyone that they use this method. I remembered the training and took action and I
August 24, 2016
Just went premium and am really psyched. I feel as though I have finally found that place I can grow and earn! This will be an awesome journey from what I have already seen. I have been running around for years with no help and limited success. Finally I have found you guys that focus on helping and not just getting paid! Let's rock!!!!