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Anyone here paid for an automated website through fiverr?
Have any of you had success with automated websites created through places…
1 week ago 10 Replies
Do apps encode our affiliate links?
For clarification regarding our Walmart and Amazon links, if a person…
2 months ago 8 Replies
Is a vendormerchant page something worth doing?
Would it be profitable to create a page that would always be accessible…
5 months ago 10 Replies
Is anyone else losing wordpress data?
Has anyone else gone into WordPress and noticed that a large number of…
6 months ago 5 Replies
How do I make a cloned site private?
I had one of my sites cloned by tech support, but I believe they accidentally…
7 months ago 17 Replies
How do I clone my site to experiment with themes?
I've re-created my original siterubix site so that I can experiment with…
7 months ago 18 Replies
Why is google calling my site an html site?
In checking my sitemaps in Google Search Console, most of my URLs are…
7 months ago 13 Replies
Am I able to create a duplicatedummy website in wordpress?
I want to experiment with a couple of themes and other ideas for sprucing…
8 months ago 14 Replies
Are paid theme editors better than free ones?
I realize that we should limit the number of plug-ins within our websites…
8 months ago 17 Replies
Are we having technical issues this morning?
I've been trying to login to one of my sites to publish a new post and…
9 months ago 27 Replies
Is it best to put a link to the price?
I've noticed that some affiliates put the price of an item within the…
9 months ago 13 Replies
Why is my 6-month badge not highlighted?
Just curious why it isn't highlighted, unless it just looks that way on…
10 months ago 2 Replies
Is too many comments from the same person not a good thing?
Everyone forgive my disparaging tone here, but I have a few commenters…
10 months ago 17 Replies
Is anyone familiar with wal-mart's affiliate program?
If you have any experience or input on the Wal-Mart affiliate program,…
10 months ago 24 Replies
Should I submit each of my pages as sitemaps?
Is it beneficial to submit each of my posts as separate sitemaps within…
10 months ago 25 Replies
How do I get my websites verified within gsc?
Google Search Console has, of course, replaced several other individual…
10 months ago 20 Replies
Did google change webmaster tools?
Did Google Search Console replace Google Webmaster Tools?
10 months ago 6 Replies
How do those certified to comment get paid for their comments?
I reached the certified commenter status yesterday and I was wondering…
11 months ago 2 Replies
How does 10 comments in 24 hours add to our exposure?
I occasionally do the 10 comment thing within 24 hours, but I've never…
11 months ago 11 Replies
Is our wa community site supposed to be mobile friendly?
Oftentimes I’m in situations where I am working from my iPhone responding…
11 months ago 33 Replies
Why does wordpress tell me my site needs health changes?
They continually have recommendations for site health but when I click…
11 months ago 23 Replies
How reasonable is $0.25click instead of commissions?
The latest merchant to have accepted me as an affiliate does not offer…
11 months ago 13 Replies
Are there niches we should probably avoid at this time?
With the current pandemic situation and the unknown consequences we could…
11 months ago 34 Replies
How do I edit a blog once it is posted withing wa?
How do I go about editing a blog within the WA website once it is posted?…
11 months ago 1 Reply
Do we have spell check in our comments area?
Spell check (which these days I refer to as "spoil chuck" or "spill shack")…
11 months ago 20 Replies
How does it work when you hire writers for website content?
As a person scales their online business with multiple websites, often…
11 months ago 32 Replies
Are local business associations beneficial?
A couple of my friends, one an attorney and the other in the commercial…
1 year ago 8 Replies
How do I insert the google adsense html test link?
Is it better to use the Site Kit for Wordpress by Google in order to insert…
1 year ago 14 Replies
Can we copy an image of a product from the merchant's site?
Some advertisers have no images or creatives. I realize I can find a plethora…
1 year ago 10 Replies
Does it help to use multiple keywords within a single post?
I know we should be careful to not overload a post with our target keyword…
1 year ago 12 Replies
Why am I only seeing nine themes in wordpress?
Normally I see lists and lists of themes, but now I only have access to…
1 year ago 11 Replies
Anyone have suggestions for an affiliate for electronics?
I’m searching through the programs I’m already linked with…
1 year ago 16 Replies
Do most affiliate programs have stringent restrictions?
Perhaps I'm not reading this right, but if I am, it would appear that…
1 year ago 11 Replies
How do I set up wa email on my iphone?
How do I set up the mail apps on my phone and computer to manage my email…
1 year ago 13 Replies
Why do I not receive emails sent to my webmail addresses?
I can send emails from my webmail accounts through WA, but I don't receive…
1 year ago 3 Replies