China Registry Scam

Last Update: August 14, 2020

Hello people!

I just wanted to share an email I received yesterday from this "China Registry" saying that they had received an application from "Hongxin Ltd" to use my domain name as their internet keyword. Here's the copy of the email:

Well first of all, let me say that there was a BIG RED warning from Norton (which I took out for the purpose of this blog) saying that this email "seemed dangerous".

I then looked it up and found multiple websites warning poeple that although these emails might look legit, these guys sends out thousands of emails every month to scam business owners into sending them money to secure a domain name.

If you respond to them they will try to scam you out of a large fee (and then some) to secure and protect your domain name! DO NOT fall for it...

Stay safe!


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GMMuser1 Premium
Thanks. Warning to all to be vigilant.
MattilaP Premium
Thanks for Warning 🙏 A lot happens these days.. You have to be careful in online all the time.
EnergyK Premium
Thank you. Noted
OCH3943 Premium
Thanks for the warning, Denis!
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Scams seem to be on the rise again. Glad you caught this one, Denis.