Whose Afraid of the Bogey Man?

Last Update: January 26, 2020

The Bogey Man that lived under the stairs cannot frighten or deceive you now, because you no longer believe in him, but when you were three it was a totally different story. Back then the mere mention of his name could set your heart pounding.

The only thing that has changed, now from then, is you, and you no longer believe in a Bogey Man.

Today it is exactly the same with any kind of evil that seems to be showing itself in your experience, for all evil is a bogey. It is there only because you believe in it. The only "life" it has, it receives from you. The only power it has over you, is what you give it in belief.

Evil shows itself through thoughts that are bewitched or deceitful. Your to old. It's too late. Your not smart enough.

These thoughts are only Bogey Men under the stairs, and you don't believe in Bogey Men, right?

As always thanks for visiting. Dave

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I'm not afraid of that any more, Dave! It's how we learn!
DBCrist Premium
Your ego telling you, your mind is not like your fathers. Thanks, Dave