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Last Update: May 16, 2019

The Decline of Big Education

Ever hear the quote, "those that can't teach"? I'm sure you have, today, College Campuses are filled with Educators who have never made a dime in the real world. The University Model is quickly becoming irrelevant, for a number of reasons.

  • Big Education has firmly aligned itself with Big Finance. Since the 1960s when Student Loans became a right and not a privilege, tuition across the country have gone up every year. Creating generations of debt slaves to college loans.
  • Educators have no real world experiences to share with students, except radicalization
  • Universities have become political hotbeds of liberalism, shutting down free speech in favor of political correctness
  • Technological advancement in internet capabilities.

The Rise of ELearning

What a lot of people don't realize is that the Wealthy Affiliate Learning Platform, is state of the art E-Learning. Entrepreneurs utilizing internet technologies to show others how they did it.

  • An unsurpassed learning experience;they have monetized MCOCs, (Massive Closed Online Courses), offering General and Bootcamp Courses, that you can complete at your own pace and review anytime you want. Unlimited access to any topic that interests you, through a vast library of training videos.
  • MLearning, (Mobile Learning) all courses readily accessible on mobile devices.
  • Formalized weekly Webinars, that breakdown specific subjects to micro-level.
  • Virtual Technologies that seamlessly connect students to Website Design Platforms, Web Hosting Platforms, Keyword Search Platforms.
  • Affiliate Opportunities, where students can actually make residual income by promoting the Course.
  • Social Media Platform, that allows you access to a community, engaged in learning, supporting and encouraging each other.
  • Owned and created and taught by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

It Continues to Evolve

ELearning continues to evolve, the Social Learning Management System Developed by Wealthy Affiliates built courseware that interacts with experts in the course and learners have control over how and when they take the course. Learners can track their progress and even create their own training posts.


It's estimated that in just a few years, nearly half of all college classes may be ELearning based and 40% of the Fortune 500, will be using ELearning to train their employees. As Colleges and Universities continue to slip unconsciously into irrelevance, a new industry is emerging that is distinctly different from ELearning. Technology is growing exponentially, and before our eyes we are seeing the rise of a hybrid called self-education.

Those that Can Teach

Technology has made it possible for those that can to also teach. Using a mastermind approach, utilizing internet communities, workshops and webinars, successful business people now have the ability to promote themselves either as an expert, reporter, or broker of any skill. They simply have to find their customer and ask the simple question, "Who would you rather learn from? Someone who studied a skill or someone who is doing, what you want to learn, and is willing to show you how they do it.?"

Learning for Everyone

Albert Einstein said, "Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions." Technology will eliminate the sub-par and expensive learning systems of today. We will see learning provided equally across all socioeconomic groups. Kyle and Carson are pioneers. They have taught thousands, how they can live their dreams.

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

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AffMktgRt Premium
Good morning Dave,

Yet another spot on post on the emerging trends which appear to be irreversible.

If you had seen the video under the KBB enterprise by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson of ClickFunnles, they talk about these disrupters and that in the future people will gravitate towards those who have the practical experience and have achieved as compared to wanting to be taught by college professors in a very expensive and useless college course, which because of the rigidity of the educational framework cannot even adapt fast enough to incorporate new trends and concepts. The books and manuals used in such courses cannot keep pace with the fast environment.

We are all part of the knowledge industry and will be part of the disruptions.

DBCrist Premium
I saw Dean and Tony’s webinar.
BobRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!

It's a really great way to educate yourself here for sure!

To our great success!

DBCrist Premium
People should start realizing the future is now
FKelso Premium
We are so lucky to have such a fine education available to us right here on our platform. I'd rather be here than back in school.
DBCrist Premium
You posts and trainings are priceless
skmorrow Premium
I agree with you, I would much rather learn from someone who has done it, rather than someone who has not. WA is a great platform and I keep trying to tell my teenage kids they need to be thinking along the lines of something like WA, versus a traditional college setting. Thanks for your insight.
DBCrist Premium
Big Finance and Big advertising has their hooks into our kids