The Importance of Video

Last Update: January 28, 2020

Not posting on YouTube and utilizing Video in your Social posts is missing a Hugh opportunity, for two reasons.

  1. Most people are deathly afraid of talking on camera.
  2. YouTube is essentially a less competitive search engine and your can still rank easily with very competitive search words.

    The excuse, " I don't know what to say", is ludicrous. Being an authority in a particular niche should enable your to talk extraneously for three minutes without a script on any number of topics, relating to your niche.

    A three-minute video is more effective than a 2000 word blog. We are all communicating, all the time. The ability to use your tonality and your physiology, in addition to your words is Hugh. By utilizing video and never using a script your allow your true personality to emerge. The more your practice talking about your niche the more confident and assured you become.

    Personal videos are becoming more popular on sights like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Not using video in your social posts is a mistake, your are missing out. These sights provide an excellent training ground to develop your on air persona.

    One of the things I love about Affiliate Marketing is learning to utilize new technology to reach people. Utilizing video in social media is becoming routine, but your still have time. Post a video today.

    As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

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    FKelso Premium
    I'm so grateful for all we are taught here. I was scared of doing videos, but have found a great deal of satisfaction in creating the screencasts I've been doing. They are time-consuming, but they are actually fun to put together.

    I don't find it hard to talk on the video; just as glad, however, that I don't own a webcam. I put my picture on the screencasts, but don't have to have that "talking head" of mine on there.

    Joes gave me an excellent tip when I first started recording my scripts. He said, "talk with a smile in your voice." I guess my first couple of videos were 'way too serious.

    Anyway,glad I started. It's fun, and my YouTube channel is doing fairly well.
    DBCrist Premium
    You have exactly the right attitude. Again let me stress, it's easier to rank in the top ten on Youtube. Am I correct in believing SEO loves video?
    JeffreyBrown Premium
    Very true, Dave--Video is on my list of things to get done!
    Dave07 Premium
    Yes building the youtube channel is next on my to do list
    DBCrist Premium
    Get comfortable in front of the camera. It's takes practise being yourself.
    Wellbeing38 Premium
    Love it Dsve thank you
    DBCrist Premium
    I know it never stops and it never will. Great huh.