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November 16, 2018
I'm always struggling and fighting. I struggled and fought to hold on to the job, I'm fighting to hold on to relationships. I'm always fighting my partner or my parents, to be a certain way. I'm fighting to maintain my fixed agenda, I'm always fighting change. I fight to get people to understand me. I fight to get my body a certain way. I'm fighting to make money, and to avoid failure. Always striving for that next success. I'm fighting to be what I think I should be. Trying to be, what I think
I'm ImpatientI've read that impatience is just an inability to delay gratification, and in order to have developed that capacity, it was necessary to have role models that were self disciplined, growing up. If your parents were immature narcissists, who were only interested in their own self interests, wants and desires, chances are you'll be to.That Feeling of Not-KnowingA persons' inability to solve any problem can be traced back to the fact that we just don't take the time, necessary to solv
BeliefsBelief is the oldest medicine known to man. Today scientists are beginning to see The Placebo Effect as a window into the Neurochemical Mechanisms, that connect the mind with the body. It's my hypothesis that this affect plays a much larger role than just how the body deals with pain and disease, but can also affect our beliefs, and our abilities to change our lives. If by creating expectations, our minds have the power to change and eliminate chronic physical diseases, than doesn't it f
October 18, 2018
In my attempt to expand my circle and get different perspectives I checked out Meetup. Typed in word press and was surprised to see a meetup group that focused on Wordpress. Went last night and was surprised that 40 or 50 people were in attendance, they also have a Facebook Group. It was fantastic and they covered a lot of info that we've covered in our training. They talked about keywords and how to use effectively. They talked about the importance of using graphics in our posts. Suggested che
October 16, 2018
To find something you love to do and to be able to figure out how to be paid for it is a worthy goal, some would say it's the ultimate goal. To spend years in a mind-bending boring job for the sake of secutiy is to deny yourself.To achieve self-actualization you must not be attached to the outcome, let go of the old models of thinking, working, decision making and relating to others. Surrender to the way things want to happen next. Although this often involves a vast and terrifing loss of contr
Moore's LawEverybody is familiar with Moore's Law right? Well just in case you haven't heard it deals with the fact that the capacity of digital devices doubles every eighteen months. Many experts even think that this is too conservative.Disruptive Innovation. We are in the midst of what Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen calls "disruptive innovation" Established ways of doing business are being battered, then uprooted, demolished by powerful fluid ways of using machines, buy
MY WEBSITE LOOKS THE WORSTJust finished the training "How to create Socially engaging Content" which is 37% through stage three of the Boot camp training. I've been at this now for about 45 days and wanted to make a few observations, that might resonate with some of my fellow Boot campers. I did the assignment like I was asked and posted it on the thread as directed, I then visited some postings in the thread from my fellow boot campers, and boy what a shock.TRYING TO POST GOOD CONTENT They l
October 02, 2018
There is a law of unfoldment in man, which says he can advance only by going from where he is to the place where he would like to be. This is not because the Law is limited, but because it is Law. As man unfolds in his mentality, the Law automatically reacts to him. The way to work is to begin right where we are and through constantly applying ourselves to the training, we gradually increase in wisdom and understanding, for in this way alone will good results be obtained. If day by day we have
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September 26, 2018
Is Exercise Enough?It's long been known and accepted that physical activity releases endorphins, which can help increase a person's sense of well-being. This is especially true for Baby Boomers. Having a fitness routine focused on building muscle tone not only builds your body, but helps your mind. The more I worked on improving my body, the more I realized that I needed to work on my mind as well. When I first considered the idea of meditation, while sitting in the sauna after a work out, I th
September 24, 2018
ProgressI've been a member of the WA community for about three weeks. I became a premium member about a week after joining, so I didn't get any of the special incentives that Kyle offers down the road. The first time I noticed my ranking I was 98,000 and something, last week I was 78,000 and something, and today I'm sitting at 66477 it's Monday 9/24. I'm currently finishing step 10 obviously the step about becoming an Ambassador. I have not really engaged too much with other members, being mor