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The Linear Life PlanUntil recently the charting of our lives has been very neat and predictable. First you learned, then you worked, then you died. There are a number of reasons we accepted the Linear Life Plan.First it fulfilled the biological and social requirements of a short life span. Second it was tradition, you were expected to act your age. Third it was the law, we created Government regulations and Institutional rules that prescribed the ages at which we should go to school, begin and
January 17, 2019
I've written 20 posts on my WA blog over the last three months since joining WA. Just recently I've started getting into the habit of going to the Dashboard and reading the top ten posts of the week, if I saw something that resonated with me I would go to the members profile and read past posts and maybe start following, I very rarely left any comments. In the beginning I had been very slow and selective about following people, being new I wanted to get a feel for the community and not just s
January 16, 2019
The 80/20 rule or The Pareto Principle as it's known, states that for many events roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. While this, principle works when applied to inanimate objects it doesn't work when applied to animate objects like the workplace. While it's probably safe to say that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people, what it doesn't do is breakdown exactly what the other 80% of people are doing. In his book "The Coming Jobs War", author Jim Clifton does just that
January 15, 2019
It's An IllusionI've been writing recently, a lot about beliefs, and how everyone has a choice on what they believe. But then I started to wonder why, I continued to choose beliefs that didn't serve me, even if it's only for a few days. I then realized that the choice of beliefs is an illusion to a lot of people, and here's why.Be AwareIn order to make a choice about a belief a person must first be enlightened. By enlightened I simply mean, being aware that you are not your mind. That the voic
December 06, 2018
Ever Felt This Way?Have you ever become disheartened about something you'e dreamed about? Ever felt totally overwhelmed with the immensity of the task or project your trying to accomplish? Frozen into inaction by negative thought? Feeling like a technical dwarf in the land of giants? When these feelings overcome me I look for answers in books, Eckhart Tolle, had some thoughts on the matter I'd like to recap.Unconscious Of The Now.He said that if you find yourself thinking like this its because
December 01, 2018
Found a Website in the same NicheToday I had another breakthrough. I was doing some research on the internet and came across a website of one of our members. It's in a similar niche and very professional. I wrote a comment asking if he could give me any advice on how long he had been developing his site, and how much time he was currently devoting to it. Added a Webinar to a PostIn looking at some of his posts I noticed that he actually linked one of the training webinars to his post. I wondere
November 17, 2018
Who Told you that?What is a belief and how do we come to believe? Often it can be a ridiculous comment or something you read, that resonates with something in your subconscious mind. If you want to start evaluating some of your beliefs, look at your behaviors. Look at your Behaviors If your impatient, it's because you believe it will help you get what you want sooner. If you complain, it's because you believe it helps you feel better about things you can't change. If your defiant, it's because
November 16, 2018
I'm always struggling and fighting. I struggled and fought to hold on to the job, I'm fighting to hold on to relationships. I'm always fighting my partner or my parents, to be a certain way. I'm fighting to maintain my fixed agenda, I'm always fighting change. I fight to get people to understand me. I fight to get my body a certain way. I'm fighting to make money, and to avoid failure. Always striving for that next success. I'm fighting to be what I think I should be. Trying to be, what I think
I'm ImpatientI've read that impatience is just an inability to delay gratification, and in order to have developed that capacity, it was necessary to have role models that were self disciplined, growing up. If your parents were immature narcissists, who were only interested in their own self interests, wants and desires, chances are you'll be to.That Feeling of Not-KnowingA persons' inability to solve any problem can be traced back to the fact that we just don't take the time, necessary to solv
BeliefsBelief is the oldest medicine known to man. Today scientists are beginning to see The Placebo Effect as a window into the Neurochemical Mechanisms, that connect the mind with the body. It's my hypothesis that this affect plays a much larger role than just how the body deals with pain and disease, but can also affect our beliefs, and our abilities to change our lives. If by creating expectations, our minds have the power to change and eliminate chronic physical diseases, than doesn't it f