Shaping your Future

Last Update: August 19, 2019


The mind thinks in pictures, not words. As we vividly picture in our minds what we desire, it will become a reality. Create an exciting picture of the future. Most people don’t have a clear picture of what they want. At best it’s fuzzy. Write down the most important reason that you want to accomplish each goal, and the biggest benefit you will receive upon completion. Big reasons are the driving force that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

Creating a successful future takes energy, effort and concentrated thinking. That’s why it’s important to be connected to what you’re working towards and it’s not money!

Top-10 Goals Checklist

To maximize your results remember your goals must be:

  1. Yours
  2. Meaningful.
  3. Specific and measurable.
  4. Flexible.
  5. Challenging and exciting.
  6. In alignment with your core values.
  7. Well balanced.
  8. Contributing to society.
  9. Realistic.
  10. Supported

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

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klchang Premium
Awesome checklist, David.
Short, clear and to the point.
Now, the difficult part.
To put it into action.
Thanks for sharing.
DBCrist Premium
Thanks for the comment, Just visualize your goals in WA as reality then apply the checklist. Dave
FKelso Premium
Good one.
DBCrist Premium
Thank you for the comment. Dave
FKelso Premium
Short and sweet, but sometimes the post says it all.
mikebeatty Premium
I just finished Goals by Brian Tracy. This is so on point With that book. Very similar to as a man thinketh and think and grow rich. Thanks for sharing
FKelso Premium
I see you have been reading some of my favorite books.
DBCrist Premium
It's through reading that we learn and through doing that we grow. Thanks for the comments. Dave
DBCrist Premium
Where can I find that page screen insights page you referenced in your last post? Thanks Dave
ChristineDu1 Premium
Goals must be yours and meaningful, yes, very true. Contributing to society.
And especially in alignment with your core values, I agree. My website is kind of about that :-)
JMatonge1 Premium
Good objectives, Dave. Thank you for sharing.